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San Agustin Colombia Coffee

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Distinctive smoothness and silky texture...

This Colombian single origin coffee is cultivated on small farms clustered around the town of San Agustin in the Andean mountains. Flourishing under the shade of banana and rubber trees, the beans exude a wonderful caramel sweetness, tempered by a touch of orange acidity and a milky chocolate finish.
Medium roasted to achieve a distinctive smoothness and silky texture, this coffee was a Gold Winner of the Great Taste Awards in 2012. In the words of the judges, it’s a coffee characterised by "some citrus and nuttiness. Honest praline notes. Good darker roast."
  • Origin


  • Flavour

    Citrus & Bright, Sweet & Nutty

  • Body


  • Roast


  • Tastes like

    Sweet and silky with a rich nuttiness

  • When to drink

    Drink this coffee morning, noon and night

Brew the perfect cup

  San Agustin’s praline smoothness suits all brew methods, making this a good choice whatever equipment you have at home. When making coffee always use freshly drawn and boiled water – wait a few seconds for the water to cool so you don’t scald the grinds. Cardinal rule? Never re-heat brewed coffee! Freshness is everything.

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Write a Review
* * * * * Gourmet by John Gilbert on 1st July 2016

I used to be a common or garden instant coffee user; it woke me up; it sufficed.Then, some twenty years ago, my daughter went ,in an unfashionable way, to Colombia. She loved its scenery, its people, climbing steamy, muddy hills, perforce sliding down most of what she had climbed before reaching the top, just being there and breathing its air AND she remembered me. She brought back some 3 kilos of San Agustin coffee beans in her backpack.. The rest of my tale has been told already by previous reviewers, that is " Mmmmmmmmm ! I love it ... just as much as I did some twenty years ago

* * * - - Very goo but too expensive by Steven on 7th August 2014

This is definitely one of my favourite coffee's, I have been drinking it for a few years now! It has jumped up in price a lot and I can no longer afford to buy it, I can get 2 bags of my other favourite coffee from taylors for the same price! If you have the money then its worth it!

* * * * - Boldly acidic by PJ on 11th July 2013

The grind and coffee maker makes a huge difference on how this coffee turns out for me. In a cafetiere the acidity truly comes through, grapefruit-sharp, with a lovely smooth aftertaste, whereas through a paper filter it seems to lose this citrus body and turn beautifully rich and dark. It's a wonderfully wholesome medium roast for fans of darker roasts looking for something a little brighter in taste.

* * * * * Excellent by (Rev.) F J M Pole on 27th February 2012

I have used this particular coffee for years - and love it just as much today as I did when I first bought it from Whittards in Croydon. Indeed, I never drink any other coffee if I can help it! My wife tells me that I am impossibly grumpy when I don't have my two mugs of Columbia coffee first thing in the morning - so I guess I'll drink it, and enjoy it, for years to come!!!

* * * * * Great! by Francis Pole (Rev) on 31st January 2012

I love it - and since several of the stores closed - I used to follow them around as they gradually shut their doors! - I always buy on-line. I never go elsewhere for coffee. My wife says I am impossible when I don't have my filtercoffee first thing in the morning - so she thanks Whittards too!

* * * * * coffee by L Webster on 29th December 2011

I gave this to my son he is loving it

* * * * * One of the very best coffees around by Minerva on 30th September 2011

Excellent coffee at a reasonable price. My partner loves it and I always buy this rather than grocery store coffee, including Starbucks and other well-known brands.

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Taste Guarantee

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Colombia is renowned for its consistently high quality wet-processed Arabica, and the country is the world’s third largest coffee producer after Brazil and Vietnam. An astonishing range of microclimates exist across the growing regions at the foothills of the Andes and Sierra Nevada, resulting in a diverse spectrum of flavours. Depending on the region the crop will ripen at different time, ranging from heavier, chocolatey coffees to brighter varieties with jammy berry notes. 

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“I like to try out unusual coffees, so I tend to go for our Limited Edition varieties. My favourites are the single estate varieties, as you can track the taste right back to the individual bean.”

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