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Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

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Delicate mildness and complexity of flavour...

Smooth away the blues with this deliciously mellow brew. The Blue Mountains of Jamaica are among the world’s most renowned coffee growing regions, and we’ve sourced our single origin coffee from the most prestigious plantations to the east of the island: the parishes of Portland, St Andrew, St. Mary and St Thomas.


Famed for its meticulous process of sorting and grading, ensuring a remarkably consistent quality, the coffee produced in the Jamaican Blue Mountains is also among the world’s rarest - with an annual yield equalling approximately 0.1% of the coffee produced by Colombia! 

So you’d expect something a little special – with its delicate mildness and complexity of flavour, this coffee certainly delivers. Lightly roasted to preserve layered tastes of herbs and spices, the beans are further characterised by honeyed floral notes and a crisp, elegant finish.
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    Subtly smooth with a hint of herbs and spice

Brew the perfect cup

  This is a surprisingly versatile coffee, but its complex sweetness is best highlighted by a cafetière or a pour-over brewer like the V60. When making coffee always use freshly drawn and boiled water – wait a few seconds for the water to cool so you don’t scald the grinds. Cardinal rule? Never re-heat brewed coffee! Freshness is everything.

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Write a Review
* * * * * "Simply the best" by Brian Penny on 25th July 2018

An extra smooth coffee with no bitterness. It has to be brewed just right for a perfect taste. A coffee for the coffee connoisseur

* - - - - Coffee by Fiona Kirkwood on 10th May 2018

I bought this for a treat as its more expensive than normal so when it was delivered i was very excited. However my partner and I are huge coffee lovers and were bitterly disappointed! I thought it was weak and tasted more like tea! Would not not buy again sorry

* * * * * Fantastic cold brew by Elizabeth Hardman on 5th March 2018

I tried this as a cold brew, popped it in the fridge over night and hey presto! no bitterness, smooth and just delicious!

* * * * * Great coffee by Gabriela Ciubotaru on 30th August 2017

A bit pricey but it has a lovely smooth taste and no bitterness to it.

* * * * * Awsome by David jones on 19th May 2017

A fantastic coffee thank you whittard of Chelsea

* * * * * The BEST coffee! by Anne pawsey on 15th January 2017

This my old favourite, unobtainable for years, now I have found it! OK it's dear, but you get what you pay for in this case. I had 3 cups of this coffee and, WOW, it's got a kick like a mule! Highly recommended!

* * * * * The best coffee by Sussexgirl on 3rd December 2016

This is the best coffee, so smooth, no bitterness and the perfect taste. It's expensive but worth it, cheaper than coffee shop prices and so much better, well worth it!

* - - - - Bitter Tasting Disapointment by Louise Oates on 27th April 2016

Got this today at the Basingstoke store at lunch time, and took it home to share with a friend. We were looking forward to trying this coffee, and at £20 for around 4 cups worth we were expecting this to be very good. It appealed as it was described as light yet I had to add a sugar to sweeten it as it was very bitter (more so than that horrible original cheap brand instant stuff). Definitely not what I was expecting. It was that bitter I am wondering if the shop staff used the correct beans?

* * * * * just amazing coffee by manda grundy on 6th April 2016

the last time I had this coffee was 10 years ago but I wanted to treat myself for my 50th birthday. smells and tasted good to. A little expensive but sooooooooooo worth it

* * * * * Amazing by Jay on 25th January 2015

Simply the best coffee around. I have been wanting to try this for a whille now and finally bought a bag, not disappointed in the slightest. Perfect for any time of the day. Will buying more before this batch runs out, i really would recommend this to anyone thinking about trying it

* * - - - Smooth, but much too mild, almost tasteless. by Alison Towers on 1st August 2014

My tastes must be changing. I used to love Blue Mountain coffee, but it was always so expensive it was a very special treat. I've been drinking Italian blends for some time now, and in comparison, I'm afraid Blue Mountain is tasteless. Considering the cost, I don't think I'll be buying it again in hurry. Ah well. Another one hits the dust.

* * * * * Love it by Simon Edwards on 26th June 2014

I buy this regularly and enjoy it to the max. Get beans and grind just before you make it and wow! People saying it was a disappointment in taste, don't know how to make good coffee, don't listen, it's amazing stuff.

* * * * * great coffee by Christopher Pouley on 17th March 2013

this coffee is the best full stop a nice mild taste without the bitterness if i could afford it i would drink it every day.

* * * - - Blue Mountain by David Smith on 12th January 2013

I was delighted to receive some as a Christmas gift, having expressed a long-felt desire to try it. What a disappointment! The coffee is very smooth, almost mild, with a an appealing flavour - very smooth. However, Nicaragua, After Dinner and Santos & Java are better, with a much stronger flavour, and for a fraction of the price. I'm glad I tried it, but will not be buying it.

* * * * * blue mountain jamaican coffee by tony on 5th April 2012

l agree expensive coffee but well worth it unfortunately being a pensioner l normally get it as a present for birthdays etc

* * * - - Nice by Emyr Williams on 14th March 2012

Well i wanted to try this for over a year now and finally got around to get some. very expensive coffee and honestly i think that some of the cheaper coffee's like the kenyan peaberry and the ethiopian yrgichef are taster. Dont get me wrong i enjoyed the blue mountain it has a very clean taste to is not at all bitter and smooth. i was just left dissapointed with it for the price tag i was expecting a more full flavour! i would buy it again but only on a special ocasion.

* * * * * blue mountain coffee by louise ring on 10th March 2012

I first tasted this coffee 10yrs ago, and i have been purchasing this coffee as a treat 2 myself when i can afford to!!!! Although the price is shocking blue mountain is the best tasting coffee i have ever had.. its smooth,delicious and simply off the scale... Pico duarte coffee (carribean) is in opinion the next best things to blue mountain (the price being the main factor) .

* * * * * AMAZING by Anna Frieda on 29th February 2012

ok so I know this is pricey... but OH MY GOODNESS! Its the most amazing coffee I have ever tasted- really blows your socks off and leaves you ready to start your day. I have this when I can sense a bad day coming on and it definetly helps!

* * * * * Blue Mountain Coffee by OWEN lUDER on 30th January 2012

Although expensive the best coffee there is. Have been to the Blue Mountains in Jamaica. If you can't afford it all the time have it for special days - say week ends or with visitors or friends you want to impress. .

* * * * * Best coffee in existence by Minerva on 30th September 2011

My partner is the coffee drinker and (if we could afford it) he would drink nothing else. Smooth and great tasting. I've given it a 5 star rating for taste. If I was grading on price, I'd have to give it 1 star.

* * * * * Wow by Judith Webster on 15th September 2011

Whilst this is eye-wateringly expensive it really does bear out the saying "you get what you pay for". My husband (not easy to please!) raves about it

* * * * * Blue mountain coffee by Lindsay westcott on 15th September 2011

Very smooth coffee not overpowering good for morning elevenses or for after dinner

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Few coffee-growing regions can claim the same fame as the Jamaican Blue Mountains… Grown at elevations of between 3000 and 7500 feet, the coffee trees benefit from regular rainfall and a relatively cool climate, giving the green bean an extraordinary floral character and a mellow sweetness. An efficient infrastructure and rigorous quality control ensures consistently excellent results, making Jamaica Blue Mountain one of the world’s most highly sought after single estate coffees. 

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