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Santos and Java Coffee

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January's Coffee of the Month

Origin: Brazil/Indonesia blend
Body: Full-bodied
Roast: Dark Roast (5)
Summary of taste: Smooth, fruity and luxuriously sweet
Whittard recommends: Using any type of brewing method and enjoying black or with milk according to taste
When to drink: After dinner

Our Santos and Java coffee blends beans from either side of the globe, Brazil and Indonesia, to create a seductively dark, velveteen coffee with a powerful kick. 
The Santos beans are grown on the rolling plains of Southern Brazil, yielding dark flavours of baking chocolate and stewed fruit, while beans sourced from the humid volcanic slopes of the Ijen Plateau on the island of Java add a lighter, creamier sweetness with just the right acidity. With its heady aroma and high-roasted boldness, we like to think this coffee has something of the mystery of Indonesia, and a touch of the party spirit of Brazil… 


Pure Brazilian & Indonesian arabica beans.

Packed in an environment where nuts are handled.

Brew a Perfect Cup

Follow the manufacturer's equipment instructions Always use fresh water. Use water just off the boil so you don't scald the coffee. Do not re-heat brewed coffee.

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Average customer rating based on 15 reviews

No matter how many other coffees I try - this remains the firm favourite.

Please consider making into nespresso type pods so I can have it at work too!

Posted by Toni S (25th July 2014)


I love whittards of Chelsea all the staff when I been to Whiteleys or Covent garden the staff are very helpful in finding what suitable for you and definitely recommend this coffee I bought it many times it\'s much better than instant coffee but I always like honey or sweetener in my coffee but I find it keeps me awake for long time if I am sleepy I take that in the morning the smell is lovely and u get what u paid for it really does the job a must buy definitely recommend it from customer that enjoys cups of it

Posted by Lloyd lyons (3rd November 2013)


I wandered into the Whittard in Nottingham just to have a look and was greeted by an incredibly helpful assistant. She asked me what sort of coffee I liked and suggested this Santos & Java. Well done to her, it makes the most gorgeous Latte, and a perfect espresso. I'll definitely be buying more, and trying others. Gorgeous !

Posted by Denise G (16th May 2013)


I have been drinking this coffee for some time now and every now and then I slip away and try something new. Returning is always a joy. This is a bold coffee with a distinctive second taste that has a smoky character. Wonderful with a fine malt.

Posted by John Curnow (18th July 2012)


I echo what everyone else says about this combination of beans and the service we always get from Whittard. We've been using the online shop for a couple of years and before that we used to buy from the shop in Cheltenham.

Just one recommendation though: don't grind the beans more than a few hours in advance: grind as many as you're going to use immediately and no more, otherwise you lose some of the volatile aromatic oils which contribute to that beautiful crema on your espresso.

Posted by Rudy Lacchin (6th April 2012)

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