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Decaffeinated Coffee

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Origin: Blended
Body: Medium-bodied
Roast: Light/Medium Roast (2)
Summary of taste: Rich and smooth
Whittard recommends: Using a filter or cafetière and enjoying black or with milk according to taste
When to drink: Throughout the day

When it came to designing the definitive decaf, we wanted to create a blend with all the power and panache of our other products – a blend to be proud of. The result is a wonderfully rich coffee, just as robust as our very best brews.  
We’ve brought together the sweet, full-bodied beans of Brazil and Costa Rica, and combined them with the layered, fruity intensity of beans from Uganda and Indonesia. Before being medium roasted to bring out that distinctive full-bodied flavour, the beans are steamed and put through a tried and tested caffeine dissolving process. They then receive a final steaming rinse, removing 99.9% of the caffeine. Because even coffee lovers shouldn’t skimp on sleep…
So, who says decaffeinated had to be dreary? Enjoy late into the evening – it’s the drink of dreams.  


Decaffeinated beans from Brazil and Costa Rica.

Packed in an environment where nuts are handled.

Brew a Perfect Cup

Follow the manufacturer's equipment instructions Always use fresh water. Use water just off the boil so you don't scald the coffee. Do not re-heat brewed coffee.

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Average customer rating based on 8 reviews

Considering it is decafinated, it is as refreshing and aromatic as the original Arabic pale coffee.

Posted by Ali Jamil (20th May 2015)


Certainly the most flavourful decaf coffee on the market! Although it is a lighter roast than its previous incarnations this can give it lovely herby notes and a strong red-fruit body when brewed well (stovetop espresso is my choice). Hope it won't inch its way towards a 1 - it's lovely as a 2 or 3 roast.

Posted by PJ (29th April 2015)


The best strength and flavour decaff beans I've managed to find. Most are watery and weak but these are FAB!

Posted by Barbara (10th January 2014)


I looked for some time for a decaf that didn't lack that certain something. This Colombian bean gets as near to that wow factor as it gets, enjoy.

Posted by Michael Chappell (22nd February 2013)


As i am unable to drink caffine, i spent a long time trying to find a decent decaf coffee bean. And i finally found it here. Now i buy all my coffee beans from here.

Posted by John (21st March 2012)

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