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Chelsea Espresso Ground Coffee Caddy

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Item Code: 307165 / Net weight: 250g / 8.82oz


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Origin: Blended
Body: Light-bodied
Roast: Light Roast (1)
Summary of taste: Bright and fruity with vanilla sweetness
Whittard recommends: Using an espresso machine and enjoying as an espresso, latte or cappuccino
When to drink: In the afternoon
Our collection of exclusive blends brings together beans from across the globe for a distinctive range of tastes you simply won’t find elsewhere. This year, we added our Chelsea Espresso to the collection - designed to provide a richly sweet and fruity cup, it has a wonderful brightness of flavour making it perfect for afternoon drinking. 
We’ve chosen to blend sweet caramel Cerrado beans from Brazil with Nicaragua’s fruity Cattura beans, adding the delicate floral flavours of coffee from Ethiopia and Kenya. Medium roasted to highlight notes of nectarine and peach, it’s refreshingly light with a soothing hint of vanilla sweetness. Now available in one of our beautifully designed refillable coffee caddies!


100% ground Arabica coffee 

Brew a Perfect Cup

For the perfect cup of Chelsea Espresso, always use fresh water, off the boil so you don’t scald the coffee.  This pack contains omni-grind coffee, ground for use in any coffee making style – follow the manufacturer’s equipment instructions and adjust according to your taste.   If you are using a classic 8 cup cafetiere, we suggest that you use 3 heaped dessert spoons of coffee and leave for 4-6 minutes before plunging.


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