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Black Tea

1886 Blend

This historical blend is inspired by the type of tea enjoyed in Victorian London when Walter Whittard opened his first shop in 1886.

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Lapsang Souchong

A speciality of China’s Fujian Province, this iconic smoky tea has been dried over fires of resin-sweet pine wood, a technique discovered by accident back in the 16th century...

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Ceylon Orange Pekoe

Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka is celebrated for its clean, brisk taste, and this is a particularly fine Ceylon blended from a selection of estates...

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English Breakfast

English Breakfast tea became something of a national drink when word got out that Queen Victoria was a fan; Walter Whittard was quick to follow suit, creating his own distinctive blend from a...

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Decaffeinated Breakfast Tea

Our Decaffeinated Breakfast tea is just as rousing as our classic Breakfast blend, simply with the majority of the caffeine washed away...

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Known as the ‘champagne of teas,’ Darjeeling is famed for its sparkling clarity of taste and crystalline sweetness, benefitting from the steady rainfall, light soil and cool air of the...

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Tippy Assam

Believe it or not, for all the different varieties of tea there are only two different types of tea plant – one of which originates in Assam, the Camellia assamica...

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Spice Imperial

Gather around the fire for strange tales from the spice markets of ancient trade routes – this classic Whittard blend balances a smooth, full-flavoured black tea with aromatic cloves, zesty...

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In the words of the novelist Henry James: ‘There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea...'

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English Rose

It was during China’s Ming Dynasty (1368–1644) that tea artisans first experimented with buds and blossoms, imbuing the leaves with essential oils... 

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Earl Grey

Renowned for its wonderful bergamot aroma, Earl Grey has become firmly ensconced as an afternoon tea classic...

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Regal Blend

Queen Victoria was in her heyday when Walter Whittard set up shop in 1886, and the following year the country celebrated her Golden Jubilee...

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