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Earl Grey Teabags

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For many, Earl Grey is the afternoon tea of choice, enticingly light and infused with bergamot to give it the exotic flavour and aroma that we all love.

Earl Grey is a lightly perfumed, classic blend of quality Indian and China teas and is a quintessentially English tea. It takes its name from the 1830s English Prime Minister, Charles Grey, although the true origin of the tea is uncertain. A luxurious afternoon tea, it was originally drunk almost exclusively by aristocrats, lightly brewed and usually without milk.

Nowadays there are few people who haven't savoured the aromatic taste of a good cup of Earl Grey. Whittard's blend is outstanding with just the right balance of bergamot. It is a favourite afternoon tea, drunk with or without milk.

  • Origin


  • Tastes like

    Lightly perfumed with bergamot

  • When to drink


Brew the perfect cup

Ideally warm the pot first with a splash of hot water. Use one teabag per cup and always use freshly drawn and boiled water. Allow to brew for 3-5 minutes according to taste. Can be drunk with or without milk.

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Write a Review
* * * * - smooth tea by Sylvia A Goodacre on 9th March 2015

The best earl grey going. It could do with a bit more burgamont but I do like my tea smooth and a little weaker than most people. Better than Twinnings which has lemon in it and spoils the begamont flavour. Very refreshing. I even buy the individual one teabag packets so that I can enjoy my tea when i'm out.

* - - - - Not impressed - weak in taste by L Kay on 26th February 2015

Not impressed. I find the 'tea' element bitter but with no depth of flavour, and the 'Earl Grey' fragrant element very much lacking. I find Clipper Earl Grey to be much more fragrant with the classic bergamot Earl Grey taste and a smooth deep tea flavour. Wont be buying Whittards again (also much more expensive than other brands inc Clipper!!)

* - - - - What happened to the best earl gray? The new batches taste like lady grey by Ozgur Denız Onur on 23rd February 2015

I love(d) this tea so much I order it online all the way from Turkey. But as Tony Gardner noted the latest batch tasted like Lady Grey rather than Earl Grey. I opened two boxes with the same result. Whittard should comment on this. What happened to the aroma that everybody here loves?

* * * * * Best Earl Grey Ever by Javi on 11th February 2015

Ok let's be honest, Earl Grey teas usually have that strong bitter flavor (some people may like it) but I am not a fan of that astringent flavor it feels like you are bitting a lemon peel. This perfectly balanced tea takes out this horrible expirience and just leaves the refreshing flavor. It's so balanced that I can drink it with milk (I always do this) and the refreshing expirience stays. It is my favorite tea so far and it is always on my stock. If you are doubting to try it, just stop thinking you will not regret your choice.

* - - - - Earl Grey teabags. by Tony Gardner on 25th January 2015

Whilst i have been ordering Earl Grey teabags online for several years without complaint, the last batch arrived a week ago and my wife who is the only user, says they taste like Lady Grey and not Earl Grey, although the packaging does say Earl Grey. She has opened another box and it tastes the same as the first box. She is reluctant to open yet another box in case it is the same. Has anyone else noticed this ?

* * * * * indispensable by Lee on 8th March 2014

Since I find this Earl Grey tea given my friend who got it in UK, I can not be through everyday without drinking! I live in Japan. But I wanted to get this tea packed in UK and ordered online. Thanks for the super flavor tea!

* * * * * Earl Grey Tea by Tamara on 22nd February 2014

This is the best Earl Grey Tea EVER! I'm addicted! Unfortunately our local store (Kroger's) has stop carrying it so I'll be ordering online.

* * * * * Excellent by Louis on 3rd February 2013

The best Earl Grey that I`ve ever tasted. Congratulations

* * * * * Favorite Tea by Tiah Marston on 8th February 2012

I discovered Whittards Earl Grey while visiting my sister in Scotland. I immediately fell in love with it & try to order a few boxes every year to have shipped to me in the United States. One day I hope a Whittards store finds it's way to America's West Coast. Thank You Whittards!

* * * * * Great Product by Pasina on 5th February 2012

Great tea! Full of flavour, it really hits the spot!

* * * * - earl grey tea by Christine Mcloughlin on 22nd January 2012

I agree with Sarah Bradley this tea could be my Twinnings replacement. Finally got my earl grey tea back again thank you Whittards

* * * * * Great Tea. by Marcelo Cortes on 7th November 2011

Hi, I'm from Chile, South America. Here we don't have a big variety of tea, but yesterday I found this Whittard store and I bought this Earl Grey and is really a very good tea. Noted for its intense flavor of bergamot a pronounced acidity and a nice taste of black tea. For me, it is the best Earl Grey I could try. Thank you very much!

* * * * - Nice tea by Sarah Bradley on 3rd October 2011

A very nice tea, appears to be a good quality tea leaf and could become our Twinings replacement. Lots of flavour, maybe too much (the bergamot is quite strong) but we are enjoying very much anyway. Thank you Whittards.

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Ever since our founder Walter Whittard weighed out tea leaves behind his high mahogany counter, we’ve been experimenting with our own inventive blends. The Chinese were the first to try blending tea leaves with fruits and flowers and it takes time, skill and imagination to master the art. It’s all about creating the perfect balance of flavours: we blind taste at least 20 different variations before settling on the perfect recipe. Just as some musicians have perfect pitch, an expert tea blender needs to have some pretty perceptive tastebuds…

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Item Code: 271700 / Net weight: 50 Teabags: 125g / 4.41oz

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A note from Whittard

“I’m a bit of a creature of habit, so I go for the same two coffees every time: medium roasted San Agustin Colombia in the morning, smoky Old Brown Java in the evening. Love it!”

- Janine, Glasgow Store Manager
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