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English Breakfast Teabags

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Origin: Blended
Leaf Type: Black tea
Taste: Strong and smooth
Drink: With or without milk
Brew: 3-5 minutes according to taste
When to drink: To brighten up breakfast
English Breakfast tea became something of a national drink when word got out that Queen Victoria was a fan – Walter Whittard was quick to follow suit, creating his own distinctive blend from a selection of different tea gardens. A Whittard firm favourite for well over a century now, our English Breakfast is smooth, versatile and invigorating, with a robust malty richness – particularly delicious served with a splash of milk. No wonder it’s our number one bestseller.
Nothing was lost on the judges of the 2014 Great Taste Awards, who praised the tea for “good flavour running through”, describing it as “bright, alive and rich”. We’re sure Queen Victoria would have agreed.

Also a winner of the 2013 Great Taste Awards *


100% Black Tea.

Brew a Perfect Cup

Ideally warm the pot first with a splash of hot water. Use one teabag per cup and always use freshly drawn and boiled water. Allow to brew for 3-5 minutes according to taste. Can be drunk with or without milk.

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Average customer rating based on 14 reviews

My husband and I love this breakast tea.
It is jsute a pity I can only buy it on the internet because the delivery is a bit expensive.
A few years ago the delivery was free when you bought a certain number of packets.I still do the same but now it isn't free anymore.
Anyway, i'll go on buying it.

Posted by Flanquart (14th June 2015)


I love the English Breakfast tea and have been drinking it for the past 14 years. I used to buy as much as I could carry when I passed through Heathrow. With the Heathrow store closed, I now have to pay the high rate to ship to the US. Last time I ordered, in early April, the tea arrived in 4 days. Incredibly fast!

Posted by Patricia (24th April 2015)


I didn't like tea...until THIS

Posted by James (2nd January 2015)


I had ordered two tea bags since 16 dec, but I still haven't got them yet.
Can you check them for me pls?
Order ID 511117.

Many thx,

Posted by Jessica Ko (29th December 2014)


this is my favourite tea amongst all! i will buy this tea whenever i visit london for myself and as souvenirs. however, it is hard for me to purchase this tea because I live in Malaysia.
so please open an international branch here.

Posted by Husna Idrus (28th August 2014)

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