Barista & Co. Pink Coffee Brew It Stick


Barista & Co. Pink Coffee Brew It Stick


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    Barista & Co. Pink Coffee Brew It Stick brews coffee in just 4 minutes with no faff, no frills, and no messing about with filter papers.

    Simply fill the filter basket with ground coffee, pop it in your favourite mug, and slowly pour hot water through the top filter until your mugs full.

    The filter basket is designed to give your grounds the optimum amount of contact with the water; and the handle is made of heat-resistant plastic, so you can easily remove the Brew It Stick when your coffee is brewed. There's even an elegant stand to prevent drips, perfect for making fast, stress-free coffee at your desk.

    Recomended Grind: Cafetière
    Holds 15g of ground coffee

    How to Use:
    1. Fill infuser basket with 15 grams of coarsely (cafetière) ground coffee and secure handle.
    2. Place infuser into an empty cup.
    3. Slowly pour boiling water through the filter.
    4. Pour until the desired water level is reached.
    5. Stir well and leave for 4 minutes to brew.
    6. Stir. Remove from cup. Enjoy!

    Height: 20cm
    Weight: 60g

    Care instructions:
    Dishwasher safe.

Nose to the Grind

Not sure which grind to use for your coffee maker? As a good rule of thumb, coffee makers using a paper filter are best with a finer grind, while those with a mesh filter benefit from a coarser grind. If you're cold brewing, we recommend grinding as coarsely as possible: this will give you a smooth cold brew without a hint of bitterness.