Whittard Silver 3-Cup Cafetière


Whittard Silver 3-Cup Cafetière


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    Going solo? This 3-cup cafetire is just the thing for a workday wake-up. Gracefully designed in stainless steel with a fine metal filter, it gives you a smoother coffee while retaining the grinds natural oils. Perfect for adding a bit of chic to your morning routine theres even a scoop included. Height: 17cm Width(including handle): 13cm Depth: 7cm Capacity: 350ml Weight: 300g Care Instructions: The glass is dishwasher safe. Wash in warm, soapy water and wipe the frame with a soft, damp cloth. Do not use abrasives or polish.
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Très Français, N'est-Pas?

In spite of its name, the cafetière – or "French press" – was invented by an Italian man in 1929. Today it's one of the most recognisable and popular ways of making coffee; we recommend using a coarser grind for a complex, full-bodied brew.

  1. Add one scoop of coarsely ground coffee per person to the cafetière. Boil the kettle, wait for a minute or two, and then pour just enough water onto the grounds to cover them. Wait for 30 seconds.
  2. Top up with the desired amount of water, put the lid on, and leave the plunger up. Brew for around 4 minutes.
  3. Slowly plunge, then pour and enjoy!