Stagg Copper Swan-Neck Kettle


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    The perfect cup of coffee is all about precision and consistency not to mention sheer beauty. The Stagg Copper Swan-Neck Kettle from Fellow has all of these things in spades, thanks to its meticulously designed swan-neck spout, built-in thermometer and polished copper finish. The Staggs ingenious design gives you complete control over the process of wetting your coffee grounds allowing you to extract the full flavour from your coffee without flooding it. Its weighted handles designed for a better grip and an easier pour, while the kettles compatible with gas, electric and induction hobs. All in all, its a fierce kettle for a fiercely good cup of coffee.

    Height: 15.5cm
    Width: 28cm (handle to spout)
    Depth: 13cm
    Capacity: 1000ml
    Weight: 522g

Precision, Precision, Precision

What's so great about a swan-neck kettle? Well, it's all about precision: the distinctive design of the spout allows water to flow in a narrow, stable stream, giving you complete control over how much water you pour and where you pour it. This is crucial for wetting your coffee grounds, as inconsistently wet grounds will brew at different times and give your coffee a bitter or acidic flavour.