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Cold Brew Coffee Jug

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Coffee? Cold? It might sound strange to some, but this hot new trend has really caught on. There’s nothing nicer than pouring yourself a glass from our Cold Brew Jug on a hot summer’s day…

Sleek, stylish and simple to use, the Cold Brew is specially designed to bring out the clear, sweet flavours of the coffee – the technique of steeping the grinds in cold water over a number of hours removes the slightly bitter kick you might get from a typical brew.

The process is particularly well suited to a light roast, neutralising the acidity and bringing out citrus and fruit tones specific to the origin of the beans – you’ll love it with the lemony notes of our Ethiopia Yirgacheffe and the ripe tropical fruit flavours of Kenya Peaberry.

We tend to let the coffee grinds soak overnight ready for a fresh morning cup, but it’s ideal at any time of day. The nuanced flavours make it ideal choice for a food-pairing – what will you choose?

Using the Cold Brew…

  1. Add 50g of medium to large grind coffee to the filter section, and place in the brew bottle.
  2. Fill with cold water up to the 500ml level. Use filtered water for the clearest taste.
  3. Give the grinds a quick stir, and attach the lid.
  4. Pop it in the fridge – leave overnight for a good 8 hours beauty sleep…
  5. Pour into a chilled glass for the smoothest, coolest sip. What do you think?

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Bought this for a change from hot to cold coffee and think it is good. It is easy to make and is just ready to pour lasting good length of time. It is best to use coffee recommended by Whittards for this jug

Posted by Mrs P King (26th June 2015)

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