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Bialetti Venus 6-Cup Espresso Pot

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Made from high quality stainless steel with a polished finish, this sleek stove-top coffee maker is suitable for use on all heat sources including induction

Height: 22cm
Width: 11cm
Capacity: 300ml

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The actual pot is great and does what it should but there is one major problem - the way that the lid is attached to the handle by a ver small grub screw. Eventually this grub screw comes loose. We have tried to use heat resistant glue and retightened the grub screw several times over the past 12 months since the problem occured and now I am about to throw away a perfectly good coffee pot as it is quite dangerous & we have had one minor incident due to the lid falling off whilst you are pouring the coffee. I suspect that bu having to constantly tighted the very small screw, it has lost the grip on it's thread. A more robust method of securing the lid and I would award this pot 5 starts as in all other respects it is the best expresso pot I have ever owned.

Posted by Mary Newbould (18th March 2015)


Compared to the classic Italian-style design of stovetop, I get on with this design much better. The espresso tower is lower down inside the pot than most other stovetop designs and it is covered - so no getting splashed with burning coffee when checking how it's getting on (plus no burnt fingers since the handle to lift the lid is not directly on top!). Easier to clean with a sponge as well, because of the circular shape. It also pours beautifully - not a single splatter or splash!

A really great product, but unsure about the price and the slightly-sharp edge of the top rim.

Posted by PJ (1st February 2015)

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