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Chatsford 6-Cup White Filter

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This filter was designed to make the preparation and removal of loose leaf tea quicker and easier, resulting in perfectly brewed leaf tea every time. Designed for use with Chatsford filter teapots. Not suitable for non-filter teapots. Suitable for dishwashers.
Height: 9cm
Width (Bottom): 6.5cm
Width (Top): 9.3cm

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très bonne qualité

Posted by MONTOYA (25th February 2015)


This tea filter is great.

Posted by Antoinette Robertson (24th January 2015)


I use this all the time. It is easy to empty just tip it upside down and tap or shake it for a couple of seconds and rinse it out. It makes using loose tea fast and easy. It does end up tea stained but that is not surprising. Being able to easily lift it out means your tea doesn't end up super strong, and its big enough to let the water properly diffuse through the tea leaves.

There is also a smaller version of this which you can use fairly comfortably in tea pots it isn't designed for with a smaller opening, or a mug.

Posted by Lindsey (16th December 2014)

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