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You know how there’s nothing quite like your mother’s strawberry jam? Or the way your granny cooks Yorkshire puddings? We feel the same way about Walter Whittard’s characteristic coffee blends, customer favourites for well over a century now…
There’s nothing to compare to our After Dinner Blend, uniting the rich, silky smoothness of Colombian beans with the balanced sweetness of beans from Brazil, or the dark chocolate intensity of our heavy roasted Café Français – more than a match for anything served up by a grumpy Parisian waiter. 
This year we’ve added a brand new blend to the range, our Chelsea Espresso, featuring a combination of four classic coffee beans from around the world. Brazil’s sweet caramel Cerrado beans are combined with Nicaragua’s fruity Cattura beans, while the delicately floral tones of Ethiopian and Kenyan beans make for a wonderfully bright blend - the perfect complement to the other three coffees in the selection. A gift for those who those who have it all – impress them with something a little bit bespoke…
Coffees include After Dinner (Dark Roast), Café Français (Dark Roast), Breakfast Blend (Medium Roast), and Chelsea Espresso (Light Roast)
Height: 11cm
Width: 39.5cm


100% Ground Arabica coffee 

Brew a Perfect Cup

For the perfect cup of coffee, always use fresh water, off the boil so you don’t scald the coffee.  This pack contains omni-grind coffee, ground for use in any coffee making style – follow the manufacturer’s equipment instructions and adjust according to your taste.  If you are using a classic 8 cup cafetiere, we suggest that you use 3 heaped dessert spoons of coffee and leave for 4-6 minutes before plunging.


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