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Tea Discoveries English Rose Caddy

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It was during China's Ming Dynasty (1368–-1644) that tea artisans first experimented with buds and blossoms, imbuing the leaves with essential oils. Roses were among the very first flowers they tried and osmanthus, orchids and jasmine also proved popular.


We've recreated the taste of a classic Meigui Gongfu' rose tea by using a Chinese black tea for the base, imbued with subtle floral flavours and scattered with rose petals. The tea might be authentically Chinese, but those wonderfully aromatic notes of rose are forever England. Deliciously delicate and seductively sweet, a single sip brings to mind rolling hills, church bells and country gardens: perfect for a picnic on the village green.


As part of the beautiful Tea Discoveries range we’ve created a bespoke caddy for our English Rose with a pattern inspired by vintage tea dresses. A very pretty addition to your kitchen and an ideal gift for a tea lover.


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Write a Review
* * * * * English Rose - Black Tea by Lorenzo Baraldi on 22nd October 2017

Lovely tea caddie and absolutely charming scent inside. The mix of black tea gunpowder and tiny pink/white rose blossoms is just the cherry on top. Well done Whittard!

* * * * * Tea Discoveries English Rose by manda grundy on 7th April 2016

love this tea and the tea caddie looks good nest to the English rose mug. Great refreshing cuppa both hot and cold. Great as part of a gift for friends and family

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We've chosen the number 12 for our English Rose, the classic number of roses in a Valentine's bouquet.

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