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Key Lime Pie White Hot Chocolate

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Every year we ask you to come up with a new flavour of hot chocolate for our range, and this year you really delivered. Juliet Wilson’s winning idea took an American classic and turned it into a smooth, creamy concoction that’s lime green and sweet as pie. We’ve found that the combination of white chocolate with that sweet citrus tang is a real hit – after all, who wouldn’t want to try a green hot chocolate?
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Write a Review
* * * * * I took it home to Australia by Louise Robinson on 30th May 2018

Wow, just wow. I don't even know how to describe this hot chocolate! But it's the best flavour I have ever tasted! When I tried it in store on my school trip to London and the rest of Europe, I HAD to buy it and take it back to Australia. It's now moving into the cold season so 10 million times more worth the flavour! I'm so disappointed whittard doesn't exist in Australia!

* * * * * Must buy more...! by Nicky Kerswell on 4th May 2018

Wasn't sure what to expect with this one, but wow! I love it. This genuinely reminded me of my childhood, when me and my sister would go on days out with our gran. We'd often stop off at a cafe and would order a milkshake. One of the flavours I loved was lime. The first sip instantly transported me back to those fondly remember times. The hot chocolate itself has the right balance of flavour for me. It's sweet enough, but not too sweet. Great texture. It's smooth. Oh and that aroma, simply lovely. Please keep this one. I'm off to buy some more!

* * * * * OMG! by Nicole Brooker on 25th April 2018

I tried this as a sample in store. I couldn't stop thinking about it, I went back and got the tub, now i'm getting low and am going back soon to get more. Only to find out this is limited edition please keep it around it the best hot cocoa I have ever tasted. I am needing to go get a cup after this because my mouth is going crazy.

* * * * * Please Keep This!! by Abigail Taylor on 13th April 2018

The hot chocolate is horrifically good! I went back to buy this the other day after trying a sample and I am so glad I did it is easily the most delicious hot chocolate I have ever drank! For those scared because they dont usually like citrus flavours just try it! I usually hate lemon and lime flavours but this is just beautiful! I'm planning on stocking up as much as I can because I can't imagine not having this in my house! Please make it permanent!!

* * * * * Life changing by Hiral Patel on 5th April 2018

Genuinely life changing hot beverage! Please keep this flavour! Will be gifting this to all for birthdays and hopefully Christmas if you keep it! Such a contrast to thick, cocoay hot chcolate. Perfect for spring and summer nights if you fancy something warm!

* * * * * Please please keep this flavour by Amy Russell on 4th April 2018

I love this flavour it is so tasty and sweet but at the same time light so you're not left feeling sluggish after. Please keep this flavour I need it in my life!

* * * * * Fabulously Fresh by Lynne Nel-Olivier on 2nd April 2018

Please please please please keep this flavour. I am buying extra stock but it won’t last forever and I love the lightness of this hot chocolate. It will be an all year favourite. I am in begging mode. Makes me think of my business trips to Florida

* * * * * Chocolate limes! by Elisabeth on 22nd March 2018

This tastes exactly like those chocolate lime sweets you used to have as a kid! So delicious! Probably my favourite flavour so far, second being cherry bakewell!

* * * * * Eight Pound! by Lee Mullenger on 13th March 2018

It sounds wrong, it looks strange but my word it tastes good. A real treat unfortunately exaggerated by its price. However splash out and enjoy, it may make you appreciate it a little bit more.

* * * - - Ruined Only By... by Ash on 13th March 2018

The fact it can't be enjoyed by those intolerant to dairy.

* * * * * Good stuff by Gathoni on 9th March 2018

I was very curious to see what this hot chocolate had to offer because, Key Lime Pie. Was NOT disappointed. It's tangy but sweet and so good. Good stuff!

* * * * * Heavenly taste by Gilava on 2nd March 2018

My friend and I tried the sample at the store and were surprised by the taste. So so so good. A new taste like no other!

* * * * * Amazing by Jane fowlie on 2nd March 2018

I just had to try this hot choc and this is definitely the best I will have to stock up on this. I love the colour and flavour please please keep this one as it is the best. This is now going to be my favourite with blueberry cheesecake a close second Thank you whittard

* * * * * Out of this World by bev on 26th February 2018

One the best hot chocolates I ever had. So nice it tastes out of this world. Add some powder to cake mix or butter cream for tasty cakes. Hope this one is here to stay

* * * * * Yum yum by Lizz Gleed on 14th February 2018

I have to admit I was a little doubtful on how much it would taste like keylime pie. I can confirm it most certainly does taste exactly like it! Its lovely and tastes more of lime then some pies I have tried. Delicious and light. I hope to buy more before it disappears.

* * * * * A treat in a tub by Margaret Craig on 8th February 2018

Tried this yummy hot chocolate today and I'm hooked the lime flavour cuts through the sweetness perfectly and leaves a lovely aftertaste in your mouth. Can't wait to try it as a milkshake.

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