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Mumbai Spice White Hot Chocolate

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Spices with white chocolate? It sounds unusual, but we’ve found that the creamy base of white hot chocolate is perfectly matched by the aromatic bite of turmeric and cinnamon. With a warm intensity that’s reminiscent of the bustling spice markets of Mumbai, it’s an ideal companion on chilly evenings.
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Write a Review
* * * * * Amazing combination by J Broster on 19th July 2018

This hot chocolate is amazing. When i saw that it had turmeric in i was not to sure on trying it, however when i tried this it was so smooth and sweet with the lovely cinnamon flavours coming through. The cinnamon reminds me of my Yiayia's Cypriot desserts. scrumptious!

* * * * * dreaming by ALESSANDRO CARIFANO on 9th June 2018

Fantastic. I try it with an espresso. Two teaspoons at the base and a very hot espresso on it. Wonderful taste.

* * * * * Stress buster by Martin on 29th April 2018

I bought this for a friend and she absolutely loves it. One cup of this helps her relax and calms her anxiety.

* * * - - A bit hit and miss... by Lizzy on 23rd April 2018

I'll be honest, I don't drink this. It's okay, but it goes gloopy when it starts to go cold. You know what I do use it for, though? Cooking! This hot chocolate makes the most wonderful banana pancakes when added to the batter! Also, banana milkshakes are made a hundred times better with a couple of teaspoons added in while blending. Yum!

* * * * * Great Taste by JazE on 29th March 2018

My family absolutely loves this chocolate drink! Delicious! Need I say more?

* * * * * Great combination by Rachael on 17th March 2018

Not usually a fan of white hot chocolate but this is great. The spices are a great combination with the white hot chocolate without it being too sweet. Deffinatley my new favourite hot chocolate :)

* * * * * My Favorite by Lisa C on 8th March 2018

I received this as a gift and I fell in love with it. Cinnamon and turmeric first felt odd but they're blended so perfectly with hot chocolate....

* * * * * Best. Drink. Ever by Dannielle on 28th February 2018

This is honestly the tastiest drink ever. Better than any coffee shop chai type drinks. Good alternative for the Christmas chai. Packaging is gorgeous, too pretty to throw away, reusing mine to put paint brushes in. Spices are perfect and not to strong, Buy this you will not regret it.

* * * * * Addictive by Gathoni on 19th February 2018

I love cinnamon. I love turmeric. I love hot chocolate. It's the perfect winter warm drink. Finished it in 3 days!

* * * * * yum yum yum by Wee Mee on 11th February 2018

Tasted in store and loved it so much I bought it. Tastes amazing.

* * * * * Surprising!! by Cristina on 9th February 2018

The best hot chocolate I've ever had! Surprising flavour

* * * * * Surprisingly good by Bethany on 4th February 2018

I had my suspicions about this but tried it anyway after reading good reviews & it was so good! Like a white chai hot chocolate. If you like chai lattes you’ll love this!

* * * * * A pleasant surprise by Martina Ingiostro on 30th January 2018

Since i'm not used to cinnamon or turmeric i'd like to say that i've been quite pleased by the taste this hot chocolate.

* * * * * Amazing! by Julie Simpson on 25th January 2018

Absolutely loved this! Something so comforting about that sweet spicy little hit on a cold winter evening. Or day. Or with lunch. Scrap that! Just make it a regular and I'll happily drink it in a heatwave!

* * * * * Lovely by Fiona on 24th January 2018

I tried this in store and wasn't expecting it to taste as nice as it does. It is now definitely one of my favourites

* * * * * Great taste on par with Chai/ Tumeric spiced lattes by Jess on 20th January 2018

Love this taste, not strong and delicately spiced, really warming to the stomach. I might have to stock on this!

* * * * * Thank you!!! by Dara on 29th December 2017

Received this as a gift and absolutely loved it, went to buy some more and was gutted to find out it was limited edition! So so so glad it’s back, it’s the best hot chocolate ive ever had!! Please keep it as a permanent hot chocolate!!

* * * * * So glad it’s back by Wayne on 29th December 2017

Love this hot chocolate it’s so divine, I was getting really disappointed that I was nearly at the bottom of my last tub and that I couldn’t get it any longer, so I’m ecstatic it’s back. Can we bring it back permanently?

* * * * * Chai Latte by Gemma on 12th October 2017

Love this Hot Chocolate. I Love Chai Latte and this reminds me of that, with chocolate added to it, what's not to love. If you're after something different, give this a try.

* * * * * Extremely great. Extremely nice by Jose V. Peris-Martin on 28th September 2017

It is a very nice, great combinations on flavours. Very welcoming for autumn and winter time. It is a must try! Gloriously fantastic!

* * * * * Spicy white chocolate by Gemma on 25th September 2017

This is an amazing hot chocolate. The white chocolate flavour with the addition of the spices compliment each other brilliantly, giving you a luxury tasting drink. It's a shame it's only limited edition.

* * * * * AMAZING by Georgia on 14th September 2017

Really delicious hot chocolate, why does it have to be limited edition???

* * * * * very yummy hot chocolate indeed by Manda Grundy on 10th September 2017

I had to call the customer care with regarding the Tea Club and the golden turmeric tea. I was informed about this hot chocolate and I said I'm not sure about it but I would give it a try. I AM SO GLAD I DID. IT WAS SOOOO YUMMY. Its a hit from me WHY are the Limited Edition hot chocolates sooo divine

* * * * * Mrs by Suzanne McKeen on 8th September 2017

This is my favourite hot chocolate of all times! The white chocolate makes this sweet and the turmeric and other spices gives it that slight kick. This truly is a tasty treat for any day of the week!

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