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250 Jasmine Tag & Envelope Teabags

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The Chinese art of scenting tea leaves with jasmine blossoms may have originated as early as the 5th century, but the trend really took hold during the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644) when 'bricks' of tea were abolished in favour of loose leaf, prompting tea artisans to experiment with new techniques. Designed as a drink for China's elite, this tea was strictly reserved for the Imperial Court where it was presented to the Emperor in elaborate ceremonies.

We've sourced our signature jasmine green tea from remote tea gardens in the south of China. The leaves are harvested and processed in the spring, then kept fresh until the summer jasmine season. Once picked, the young buds of jasmine start to open at dusk; they are then layered over the tea and carefully turned to release their essential oils, a process repeated up to six times overnight with fresh batches of flowers. The result is richly fragranced yet pleasingly light - delicious enjoyed at dusk, or as an after-dinner palate cleanser.

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