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  • Description

    Our famous Dreamtime instant tea is sweetly soothing, with fruity flavours of apricot and honey and a comforting, creamy finish. It's the lullaby of our instant tea range…

    Weight: 450g

  • Ingredients

    Sugar, Acidity Regulator E330 (Citric Acid), Black Tea Extract (1%), Flavouring.

    Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

  • Reviews
    By Lucy from Gloucestershire on 01/21/2019
    Perfect drink before bed!
    Love the instant tea
    By Mel from USA on 12/11/2018
    Was in London recently just happened upon your shop. Was invited to taste lots of different teas while I was there. Fell absolutely in love with the instant tea dream time. It was full of flavor very good indeed. Never even heard of instant tea before then. I’m loving it now though. Well done you!
    Soothing drink
    By Lisa P from Scarborough on 12/10/2018
    Lovely alternative drink to have last thing before bed, I love a good brew but really enjoyed this, not too sweet so even Hubby likes this :-)
    Sweet dreams!
    By Lexi from York on 10/16/2018
    I have this before bed, sends me straight off to sleep. I used to struggle to sleep through the night, but not anymore!
    Dreamtime Instant Tea
    on 05/16/2018
    Love this drink it every night and sleep like a baby
    Dreamtime Instant Tea
    on 12/23/2017
    My favourite tea by far, I've been drinking this tea on and off for around 15 years. Its so soothing I drink it before bed or if I have a headache. It is sweet, I don't take sugar in my drinks normally but I don't find it too much. Perfect feel good tea.
    Dreamtime Instant Tea
    on 06/12/2017
    I first has this tea about 7 years ago at a airport and bought it recently and it still tastes amazing! My favorite tea in the world! It's even lovely over some ice cubes and put in fruit punch! Try it out guys!
    Dreamtime Instant Tea
    on 05/26/2017
    Just stumbled across one of your stores today and amongst the shelves the beautiful picture of a night time sky stood out to me. I soon purchased the dream time tea and currently sit enjoying my first cup. I was overwhelmed by the aroma and taste and highly recommend this tea as a night time comfort unwinder it's blown my other night beverages out of the water and I can't wait to share my new night time treat with friends.
    Definitely a good night and sweet dreams tea
    Dreamtime Instant Tea
    on 04/08/2017
    Worth the money. Last time I had this drink was 15 years ago! Still the same flavour.
    Dreamtime Instant Tea
    on 02/12/2017
    My husband swears by Dreamtime instant tea. It helps him have a good nights sleep.
    Dreamtime Instant Tea
    on 12/08/2016
    Honestly one of the loveliest teas that's ever been made! That may sound like an exaggeration, but every one of my friends who has tried this tea has had to go out and get one for themselves - it's that good! Try it, trust me - you will not regret it!
    Dreamtime Instant Tea
    on 07/24/2018
    I've tried both the 'Vanilla and Strawberry' and 'Dreamtime' variants of the instant tea and they're undeniably delicious, exactly as expected. My first concerns arose however when seeing the amount of sugar left in the bottom of the glass after stirring. I'd drink the contents and see a thick layer of sugar in the glass, so the flavour dissolves in well, but the sugar is clearly in too high a concentration to dissolve fully. This is confirmed when seeing that the most abundant ingredient is Sugar. Indeed there are only 4 ingredients: Sugar, Acidity Regulator, Black Tea Extract (just 1 percent!) and flavouring. Nineteen grams of sugar per serving, with the whole tub a massive 96% sugar. As the flavour is delicious without all of the excess sugar dissolved, I think the recipe numbers needs a revamp. Smaller tubs, more black tea extract and flavourings, less sugar. The tub would last longer as you'd need less powder per glass, and the product would be less detrimental to health. I saw 'instant tea' and thought it perfect for a quick drink in the morning or evening, but can only bring myself to drink it as a treat now. Going off the fact that most people don't have very much sugar in flavoured teas, if any, the drink is overly sweet, and if the sugar dissolved as well as I'm sure Whittard intended, it would be extremely sickly.

    P.S. A bit of ice and gin makes this even nicer! Takes a bit of the sickly sweetness away too.
    Dreamtime Instant Tea
    on 03/30/2018
    I love this as an iced tea. It's very sweet but the flavours are more subtle and relaxing. Definately one of my favourites in the instant tea selection.
    Dreamtime Instant Tea
    on 01/03/2018
    Received this as a gift and it's wonderful, so relaxing - like a hug in a mug. Although I do have a very sweet tooth I was taken aback at how sweet it was (sweeter even than the salted caramel hot chocolate I also received) so will only have it as an occasional comforting treat.

    I'd drink it every day if it was less sugary and I could sweeten it myself as wished. I guess sugar is a cheap ingredient...
    Dreamtime Instant Tea
    on 01/11/2017
    Nice, but getting too expensive.
    Not long ago you could often get 3 x 500g
    for £12.00 in the shops, or £5.00 if not on
    offer. Now its £6.00 for 450g
    Dreamtime Instant Tea
    on 01/08/2017
    I like it for a lift but it is rather too sweet for me. However it does have a wonderful smoothness to it. Since I love Whittards I think it is quite acceptable to produce a sweet tea like this for "sweet tooths" out there!
    Dreamtime Instant Tea
    on 10/23/2017
    Love the flavour of this tea have done for years, But way too much sugar not sure how anyone sleeps after so much sugar before bed. Reduced sugar option should be top of whittards to do list!
    Dreamtime Instant Tea
    on 12/18/2016
    Whittards products are of good quality BUT this is way to sweet for me although my daughter loves it. The Mulled Wine tea is the same, far too sweet. Come on Whittards, time to make 'reduced sugar' instant teas for those of us who prefer that option.
    Dreamtime Instant Tea
    on 06/30/2017
    Flavour is really nice but the sweetness just takes over. Threw it away. With all the reviews on the same thing Whittard should keep the sugar option to the consumer and stick to the flavour
    By Trumpet16 from London on 05/13/2019
    Sugar sugar and more sugar. This should be banned. Whittards should be ashamed of yourselves. Are you unaware the damage that much sugar causes, especially if children drink it? Maybe add a 0 star to your options.
    Dreamtime Instant Tea
    on 06/12/2018
    I asked my wife to get me some to try as I avoid caffeine.

    I was shocked to read on the label that a typical 20 gram serving contains 19 grams of sugar.

    I didn't even open the tin.
    Dreamtime Instant Tea
    on 12/22/2016
    How on earth this helps anyone sleep is beyond me! Sugar is the main ingredient, the flavourings are not natural ones, and it's black not green tea. A waste of £6

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Lusciously sweet and fruity, our instant teas are delicious served hot on a chilly day. But did you also know that you can make them with cold water? Try it when the sun's out – you can even load your instant tea with ice and fruit for a decadent, summer-sweet concoction.