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Mulled Wine Flavour Instant Tea

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There are few things we love more than a steaming mug of delicious mulled wine. We wanted a brew we could drink all year long, the thinking behind this instant tea’s deep fruity flavours and a sweet suggestion of spice.

We’d even recommend trying it iced as a summer fruit punch….


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Write a Review
* * * * * Beyond Amaing by Mark Anthony Bennett on 23rd February 2016

I buy 3 tubs of this every 2 months, because i love it so much. Has to be my all time favourite drink to have.

* * * * * My Fav'! by MRS T SIMMS on 9th February 2016

This is my favourite tea. I even prefer it in favour of the tea bags. Although I must admit, I find two heaped tea spoons sufficient for a perfect cup of tea. Three (as recommended) is far too sweet. This tea is probably preferably to tea drinkers who like sugar in their tea though.

* * * * * Lush by Miss Scott-Menelaws on 4th August 2015

I have been drinking this lush tea for years. It helps keeps the cold winters at bay. When lurg is going around, I drink it to keep the germs away. I also suffer from an intestinal issue and when that flares up this drink is one of the few things I can keep down. In summer I make a jug with fresh mint and keep it chilling in the fridge. The only quibble I would raise is that Whittards is not that prompt with dispatching online orders which tend not to be free on postage either.

* - - - - Change in container by Paul Biddle on 17th June 2015

My wife drinks this all the time. She doesn't drink tea or coffee and loves this all year round. I have given 1 star because Whittards have changed the shape of the container. I believe that the previous one was 475g. This new one is 450g and the same price. Seems a underhand way to increase the price.

* * * * * Mulled wine tea by Mark Smith on 23rd February 2015

This tea is beautifull and recomend it to all my friends and family

* * * * * Mulled Wine Tea by Michael McCarron on 2nd January 2015

My Wife loves this tea and only drinks this now instead of her usual tea. Is it correct that when stock is gone the tea will be discontinued?

* * * * * The last of a great tea by Annetta Anderson on 14th October 2014

I have been drinking this tea for several years. I drink it all the year round as it is refreshing at any time. I am disappointed to be told that you are no longer making this tea and that when your stocks are finished I will no longer be able to purchase this tea. Please reconsider this as I do not drink any other tea.

* * * * - Mulled Wine Instant Tea by Hannah on 27th April 2014

I was a bit dubious to try this as I was worried that it could be over powered by the spice taste. I was however surprised with how it tasted, it is a little sweet but it's nice as a treat once in a while!

* * * * * mulled wine tea by karen price on 26th November 2013

i love this drink especially when its cold outside, i sit and have a cup every night, please never stop selling this.

* * * * * Delicious by Alison on 25th November 2013

I have been drinking this tea for years and agree with all of the praise it receives. Whittard please take on board though how many people say they drink this throughout the whole year as I do. Please make it available for purchase all year round.

* * * * * Amazing by Claire Ruck on 31st October 2013

Out of curiosity I tried this as a taster and now I\'m hooked. In less than a week a whole tin consumed - oops!! For once I\'m actually drinking fluids during the day and loving the feel good smell and taste. Please don\'t stop making this, I\'ll keep buying as long as it\'s there, just please put it into the shops as my local store does not sell :(.

* - - - - Not Happy! by Juliet O'Brien on 29th October 2013

I agree with the earlier statement that it smells of disinfectant. The other problem is that you can barely taste the spice at all!

* * * * * Mulled wine tea with wine? by Barry on 17th September 2013

Hi. Has anybody mixed this tea with warm red wine to make a gluvien type drink? If so, how was it?

* * * * * mulled wine by Elaine Stevens on 3rd September 2013

love this favourite time to have a large mug of this is when I get in from work at night. Only drink it in winter and it really warms me up. Always buy several tins at a time to make sure I don't run out. Don't ever stop making this flavour.

* * * * * Delicious by Kimberley on 13th February 2013

This tea is absolutely delicious, and I think it speaks for itself, as every time I go to buy some in-store it has completely sold out! oh well, hopefully I can get some more soon :)

* - - - - Smells like dentists :( by Victoria Tan on 30th November 2012

I have always been a fan of the Whittard of Chelsea instant teas. However, this one I just cannot like it... It has a strong smell that reminds me of the disinfectant fluids at dentists places...... Not matter how light or strong I make the tea the smell is just there.... Not like..... :( I hope we could try the tea in store before ordering it so I could avoid the disappointment...

* * * * * Christmas in a mug! by Danielle on 27th October 2012

Order this every year, it's amazing. Really warms you up and tastes very Festive. I hate actual Mulled Wine but can't get enough of this tea.

* * * * * Muld Wine by Abigail Bullock on 19th April 2012

I love this flavour of tea, i buy it everytime i go to durham. :)

* * * * * Mulled Wine by Ann Nash on 16th March 2012

As the Mulled Wine tea is usually only available in wintertime, I ordered 7 containers in March to keep me going through the summer. It is a lovely refreshing drink, great flavour, not too sweet and so delicious. Delivery was swift and efficient as well.

* * * * * mulled wine tea by Sara Kenyon on 26th February 2012

Delicious! This tea really warms the bits other teas can't reach! I am looking forward to trying it iced in the Summer. Will be buying more for presents for friends as well as for ME.

* * * * * mulled wine by morena on 11th February 2012


* * * * * Mulled Wine instant Tea. by Ron Baxter on 8th January 2012

Received within 5 days. As usual great flavour and freshness. Mulled Wine Tea and a shot of brandy compliment each other perfectly.

* * * * * Mulled Wine Instant Tea by Ronald on 8th January 2012

Received within 8 days. Usual great flavour and freshness. Thank you.

* * * * - mulled wine tea by dora padbury on 7th January 2012

Ive been having this drink for ages, but this year the blend seemed much weaker than before and luckily not so sweet. It is just as nice cold in the summer.

* * * * * Lovely by Beth on 27th December 2011

Wonderfully fruity and delicious, recommend to all to try! its lovely - Thank you

* * * * * Mulled wine by Lynne Stonely on 23rd December 2011

Very Nice worth the money just what Christmas is about

* * * * * Fabulous! by Joanne on 7th December 2011

My friend gave me this to try and i admit i was dubious at first but omg i loved it. I have ordered myself 3 tims to keep me going, and i wont be letting my friends try it, its all mine!

* * * * * Addictive! by Debbie Stelling on 5th December 2011

Warning, you won't be able to stop drinking this! It's absolutely delicious - I'm hooked. No messy teabags, just granules and hot water. I was told by the shop assistant there's a Lemon Meringue Pie flavour coming out in the New Year too which sounds just as delicious!

* * * * * Mulled Wine Tea by Ruth Newman on 7th November 2011

Absolutely delicious - just like Mulled Wine but without the headache in the morning!!

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