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Mango & Passionfruit Flavour Instant Tea

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Ignite your taste for the tropics! This instant tea is delicious drunk hot or cold and contains the succulent flavours of mango and passionfruit.

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Write a Review
* * * * * Brilliant for iced tea! by Trina Danes on 26th January 2018

This tea blend is amazing for the summer and specially for iced tea. Personally I perfer this iced rather than as hot tea but it is indeed my favorite iced tea.

* * * * * very lush and refreshing by Manda Grundy on 10th September 2017

this is so flavoursome and tangy tastes good both hot and cold. loving the packaging too

* * * * * Lush in a cup by Anna Farish on 18th January 2017

a wonderful mixture of flavours give this a lovely all round fruit flavour. As I cannot find peach - this will do nicely thank you!

* * * * * My favourite by Margaret jones on 6th December 2016

This is my favourite instant tea. It has a unique flavour and is very refreshing.

* * * * * Mango & passionfruit by Butcher on 4th July 2016

Brilliant, bring pear &a guava too

* * * * * so refreshing by Valerie on 19th April 2015

It is very refreshing and the taste is so nice and original. And it is so delicious in the summer when you drink it ice cold or in the winter when you enjoy it warm. I just love it! It is one of my favourite Whittard's instant teas.

* * * * * Lovely by Penny on 6th March 2015

I have tried nearly all of the instant teas but this is my very favourite. Five stars for me!

* * * * - Quite nice by Laura on 29th December 2014

Although it is quite sweet (I personally don't make it with 'heaped' teaspoons, as instructed), it is nice.

* - - - - disgusting by kim johnson on 15th November 2014

if I could give this no stars I would do it is so over sweet and artificial tasting I could not even finish 1/2 a cup it really lets down the Whittards range and has really put me off buying anymore products

* * * * - Yum by Claire on 14th May 2014

Me & a friend are addicted to Whittard's instant teas. We often each bring them into work for the other to try. She brought this one in for me to try the other day & it tastes lovely; very refreshing, quite light but sweet. I will definitely be purchasing it at some point.

* * * * * My favorite flavored tea. by annie jones on 28th February 2014

I bought this on a whim while in Milton Keynes a few weeks ago, and i have to say i was pleasantly surprised! My mother has always loved the Dream Time Tea and often suggested i try some of Whittard's products. When i found the shop i wondered in without any real intentions of buying anything, but this tea caught my eye straight away. I'm crazy about any kind of fresh, fruity flavors and as soon as i tried some i was sold on it. The flavors are so crisp and refreshing and i often find myself day-dreaming about my next cup; ha-ha! Extremely delicious and smells fantastic. It has fast become my favorite flavored tea. Strongly recommended.

* * - - - Not what I expect by Tracy on 5th June 2013

I bought it in Bristol, this was my frist time to try instant tea. I was disapoointed for this tea because the flavour is like artificial and I there was any taste of mango and passion fruit. I won't buy it any more.

* * * * * Mango & Passionfruit by Hayley Johnson on 2nd May 2013

Really tasty and sweet. Doesn't quite work as well cold, but that's just personal preference.

* * * * * Hooked from the first cup! by Pamela P on 2nd April 2013

I absolutely love this delicious fruity flavor. Enjoyed drinking this hot, the aroma fills the room and it is just lovely. Every sip is yummy, it has become my morning tea! I 5 stars!!

* * * * * Mango and Passion Fruit Instant Tea by Mrs Janice Fell on 20th March 2012

My Hubby and Myself enjoy buying and drinking this lovely refreshing tea. It makes a change from other drinks and change is good for us all. You are in control how many spoonfuls you put into each cup/mug to make it to your desired taste. Thank you

* * * * * best tea ever by karin mihaylov on 13th March 2012

i was in london an tasted this tea and i bought 1 and can only say it is the best i have already bought another because i cant get anything like this here in denmark i love it

* * * * * Mango & Passion fruit by Jo Levers on 22nd January 2012

This was my first time for trying this particular flavour and was not disappointed. Really lovely tea, fruity with a just the right hint of sourness. Would definitely recommend it.

* * * * * Loved them! by Sue Bull on 17th October 2011

Just loved your summer fruits - green tea. Mango & Passion fruit, Damson as well just love them all!

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