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Turkish Apple Flavour Instant Tea

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Take a trip to the bustling bazaars of Turkey with our tantalising Turkish Apple. Deliciously tangy, it’s a bit like biting into a bright green apple – just what you need after a hard day’s haggling…

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Write a Review
Write a Review
* * * * * Very Refreshing by Paul Tweddle on 19th June 2018

The taste is amazing. But would love to be able to buy this without all of the sugar. A great treat. Enjoy.

* * * * * Well worth it by Becky Quirk on 10th May 2018

This is the best tea i've tasted. Could drink this all day long. Best served with ice. Cannot wait to order more.

* * * * * It really is Turkish Apple tea by Melek Guzelcumbus on 20th April 2018

It is what it sais on the tin Turkish Apple tea is very sweet and is more often served hot in small quantities

* * * * * Delicious by PaiviQ on 27th November 2017

I love this apple taste,it is so refreshing.Will soon order some more for myself.Just did order some for my friend in Finland so it will be going with me this Christmas.

* - - - - Just sugar by James Macdonald on 10th November 2017

If I could give it zero I would. I paid almost £7 for this expecting a quality product.. it's just granulated sugar with apple flavour. Not impressed. One of the discount supermarkets do a better product for a fifth of the price.

* * * - - Pretty sweet by Finn on 1st September 2017

Very nice smell but a bit too sweet for me. Only half of teaspoon should be fine or make it as a cold drink with some ice. I prefer Strawberry Vanilla one.

* - - - - Sugar content shocking by Fiona on 5th June 2017

Bought as a gift but returning it as sugar content is 96%. Would give zero stars if I could

Reply from Whittard, 22nd June 2017

"Hi Fiona, sorry for any disappointment. If you are after a sweet, fruity tea with no or very little sugar, we do have a range of Fruit and Herbal teas that you might like to try. Whittard Customer Service"

* * * * - Nice taste but a little sweet by Susie Sawers on 1st May 2017

This would be the perfect Turkish apple tea if it wasn't so sweet. To taste like genuine apple tea, it just needs to be a little zingier. Quite a few reviews have said this and maybe Whittards should think of tweaking the recipe.

* * * * - A bit sweet by Susie Sawers on 31st March 2017

Quite a pleasant apple taste but too sweet - even for someone with a sweet tooth like me. I was expecting something more like genuine Turkish Apple Tea or Hazerbaba which is far more 'zingy'. I add a squeeze of lemon juice though and it makes all the difference. Will order again.

* * - - - Dissapointed by Becky Woolford on 21st March 2017

Have loved this drink for about 5 years now and finaly found it in store. Tastes very different, full flavour and unable to drink. Unsure if just got a bad batch as used to love it

* * * * * Wonderful taste by Anna Farish on 18th January 2017

Ordering a second time for myself and my daughter, a wonderful apple - smooth round warm taste but no cinnamon or nutmeg which makes a change. A real gem of a hug in a mug .

* * * * * Super stuff by Chris Treise on 2nd January 2017

Now on our third order of this very satisfying drink. Seems to settle stomachs as well! The daughter in law tried it and immediately ordered 6 pots, it seems that it is getting really popular!

* * * * * Turkish Apple instant tea by Glo on 10th October 2016

This is the second time I have purchased this flavour. My son loves it and it is so pleasant for these cold autumn nights. He is a big fan of these instant teas and I have purchased a few more which he has yet to try. Items were very well packaged too.

* * * * * Lovely product by Carol on 9th July 2016

This is the second time Ive brught this product online previously purchased from a local Whittards shop. Lovely strong apple flavour, sweet, refreshing and absolutely delicious. My mum love sit and it makes a very pleasant change from tea or coffee. Easy to mix. Would definately recommend.

* * * * * Turkish Apple tea by Corrina Emms on 8th July 2016

I was a Lift apple tea drinker for years but Typhoo, in their infinite wisdom, decided to discontinue it. So I have been searching and trying to find a close alternative and this is it!! I am one very happy customer. The service I have received from Whittards is also great so even happier!!

* - - - - Disappointed by Babs on 5th June 2016

I like the Turkish Apple but You seem to have discontinued our family favourites , both online and in store. Why?

* * - - - Turkish tea by Sandra mcwilliam on 3rd March 2016

This is only one I really like, I will just have to look else where for another brand. Very disappointed customer, This is not the first time you have run out of this product!

* * * * - smaller size by on 28th May 2015

Absolutely love this tea,Shame it now comes in a smaller size!!!

* - - - - Disappointed by ali keebs on 17th May 2015

The tea has been enjoyed by my Mother for some time. I place the orders and have a selection sent to her. There is nothing wrong with the products them selves. Unfortunately the chocolate and ginger was not available when I last placed my Mother's request. However another business has joined the food retailer's bandwagon.... changed the size / shape of the cartons which now cost 50pence more and contain less. Whittard's your brand has gone down in my estimation

Reply from Whittard, 18th May 2015

"Hi Ali,

We are sorry to hear you are disappointed with the decision to change the packaging size, we would like to assure you that Whittard tries to avoid changes in pricing or product weight as much as possible. We have experienced some cost price increases over the past year, and whilst we have absorbed as much of this increase as possible we wanted to retain the current product retail price whilst not losing any of the product quality. We therefore have had to reflect the rise in our costs by reducing the weight of the product slightly."

* * * * * Apple tea by Jo on 15th March 2015

Really like apple tea, had to order as cannot get to the most local shop, which is a shame. Quite sweet, but lovely and just as nice once cold.

* * * * * nice after a long search by Neil Carr on 22nd February 2015

I loved the lift apple tea brand apple tea but hardly anyone stock's it so i stumbled upon this,tastes a bit tarty as apples do the more you add the sweeter it becomes.Makes a refreshing change to regular tea plus when it's cold it's still drinkable.

* * * * * Marvellous by Sue Eaglestone on 27th January 2015

We first tasted apple tea on holiday in Turkey and we're thrilled to be able to buy it at home. My husband drinks it instead of tea and coffee as it's caffeine free. The ordering service is quick and easy and the delivery time is excellent.

* * * * * Apple tea by Gail on 25th January 2015

My husband tried this for the first time and has now nearly drunk the whole lot. I have had to re ordered 3 more

* * * * * Apple tea by Eileen on 25th January 2015

I've drank this for years and thought I'd lost it when our store closed but now I can order online so I'm happy again

* * * * * Back on holiday by kATHIE on 21st January 2015

First had Turkish apple tea on holiday in|Turkey and thought I would have to wait until I went back before I had it again then I found this. Unfortunately our branch of Whittards closed down but I was thrilled to find I can order online!

* * * * * apple tea by alllyd on 17th January 2015

this is our absolute favourite tea, it is the loveliest tasting tea and we always have it in the cupboard. Try it- you won`t be disappointed !

* - - - - Sugar by S Fyfe on 13th November 2014

We were given this tea as a gift. Thought it would be a healthy alternative to black tea. Tasted delicious but its full of sugar! Diabetics beware!

* * * * * My Favourite by Claire on 14th May 2014

I have a new favourite. Absolutely love this tea & will definitely be repurchasing it ... a lot.

* * * * * Most relaxing Tea by Shani Cawthorn on 9th May 2014

I have used Whittard's teas for many years but I always come back to this Turkish Apple, my favorite. The taste is excellent and is so very relaxing after a busy day. I am lost without it.

* * * * * The Best One by Dawn on 23rd February 2014

without doubt my favourite flavour. It is a perfect balance of sweetness and tartness, I am addicted.

* * * * * Turkish Apple Tea by Terry B Regan on 1st September 2013

I discovered the Apple tea while in Turkey in 2003, but when I returned from holiday that year, I found Whittard and have been buying their tea ever since. I travel to London from Brighton and buy about ten or twelve tins at a time, but its well worth my journey, I just wish that they still had a shop in Brighton. Terry Regan.

* * * * * Turkish Apple tea by linda stewart on 30th May 2013

The Turkish apple tea is gorgeous-sweet but very refreshing. Great hot or just as a cold drink on a really hot day. Despite it being a lovely tea & will definately keep buying & it's a shame you can't buy one in a slightly larger tub again-maybe another size up again from the 475g.

* * * * - Love it by Amanda Robertson on 5th February 2013

I do not like either tea or coffee and was introduced to Whittard's instant apple many years ago and would not be without it. Nothing nicer, have tried other apple teas but gave up on them as found them quite sour and prefer this one.

* * * * * Yum yum by Sophie taylor on 19th January 2013

I am so hooked on this, it's amazing, I have the Turkish apple tea direct from turkey and my friends used to bing to back for me from their hols but no more. Bit pricey as I drink it so much but v worth it i adore it, good as they do offers too buy 1 get 2 half price. I'm an apple tea addict, thanks x

* * * * * Yumm by Amy on 9th January 2013

I love Turkish Apple tea but I struggled to find it, then I found this! It is so delicious, so fruity, I love it. I will be buying more teas from Whittard.

* * * * * Beautiful taste, maybe a Low-Cal version? by Hazimah Pg Abd Rahman on 19th November 2012

One of my favourites! Turkish Apple is such a refreshing drink, and that fruity taste just lingers in your mouth making you want to have another sip. However, it can tend to be a little sweet on certain days if you are like me (not a sweet tooth), so I put about 1 1/2 to 2 teaspoons instead of the recommended 3. I am also on a fitness diet & watching my calorie intake. As another commenter suggested, Whittard's could try using less sugar in some of the IT flavours such as this & Dreamtime, maybe make a Low-Cal version of these?

* * * * * Turkish Cay by David Mortimer on 20th August 2012

Found this during a random shopping trip with some friends. I am a self confessed tea addict and struggled to find Turkish tea or anything which resembles its unique flavour in the UK. This product is pretty close to the taste of traditional apple Turkish cay. Its sweet yet has the lovely sharp green apple taste which lingers in the mouth after you've sipped the last drop. Tastes better hot but id imagine it would be refreshing chilled. This is also my first purchase of instant tea and I am definitely a convert. Well done 'Whittard of Chelsea'

* * * * * Better than real Turkish Apple Tea. by olimoli on 24th July 2012

I've always loved Turkish Apple Tea, but had a hard time buying it in the UK. I'm so pleased to have bought this, as I actually prefer it! I prefer it hot, but its not bad cold either.

* * * * * delicious by Jane on 19th July 2012

delicious instant tea!! it does taste like apple and it is a bit more sour than sweet. dessolves in cold water like no other!! i love this tea!!

* * * * * AMAZING! by Sophie on 12th June 2012

I absolutely loved this instant tea, it is very fresh and fruity, I am a big fan of Whittard's instant tea and have also got the mango and passion fruit which i also love. would thoroughly recommend the instant teas.

* * * * * amazing by natalie douglas on 2nd June 2012

this instant tea is amazing hot...cold...with fizzy water! great to drink any time of the day LOVE IT

* * * * * A treat for my tummy! by Valerie Yemoh on 4th April 2012

I am a reformed coff'oholic ( coffee addict) ! I was drinking no less than 10 cups a day. That was until my mother introduced me to this wonderful instant tea, with its fruity flavour. Yes, I drink about 10 cups a day but I have lost weight in my tummy area, friends are noticing the difference and all I can put it down to is this wonderful tea. Please try it and let me know your experiences!

* * * * * Turkish Apple Tea by Denise Benson on 1st April 2012

When visiting Turkey several years ago I fell in love with their apple tea and whilst Whittards is not exactly the same it is a lovely 2nd best. Thank you

* * * * * feedback by Caudio on 30th March 2012

Turkish Apple Instant Tea is delicate and fresh. It's the best

* * * * * Turlish Apple Tea by Paul Holden on 25th March 2012

Delicious...just like we drink when in Turkey. thank you Whittard's

* * * * * One of my favourites by Emma Hughes on 21st March 2012

I have had this instant a number of times now and love it.

* * * * * Turkish Apple Tea by Mrs Janice Fell on 20th March 2012

Even though it is sweeter than the original.To me its up to each individual to find the acquired taste with each spoonful you put in your cup/mug.My Hubby and Myself love this Tea we enjoying buying and drinking it. To me it all makes a refreshing change and change is good for us all. Thank you

* * * * * Turkish apple Tea by JILL HITCHEN on 11th March 2012

I used to drink the powdered apple tea from Turkey, when I had almost run out I was devastated, as I drink it all the time. I was so please to find an excellent equivalent so I dont have any more worries I know I can just email Whittards and with in a few days my order arrives Thank you so much Whittards you saved the day.. Jill Hitchen. Crewe.

* * * * * Quite sweet but tasty by Jane T on 8th March 2012

My 14yr old loves this and it is a staple in our cupboard. It is very sugary sweet so if you like herbal and fruit teas without sugar this might seem a bit too like a cordial/juice drink.

* * * * * Fruit tea favourite by Siw Lövkvist on 2nd March 2012

After a busy day shopping in London during autumnleave, we relaxed in our hotelroom sipping hot Turkish Apple Tea. Perfect! You have now a regular customer from Stockholm, Sweden. Thank God for internet shopping!

* * * * * Turkish Apple by Victoria Spence on 29th February 2012

I am now a convert to fruit tea after tasting this one! It is quite sweet but that suits me. You can lower the sweet taste by putting less in. Really refreshing and a great alternative to coffee!

* * * * - Love it by K.Lee on 19th February 2012

I love Turkish apple tea & this is the best equivalent in the uk. It is sweeter than the turkish equivalent but lovely & refreshing & a great alternative to tea & coffee.

* * * * * Turkish Apple Tea by Mrs Janice Fell on 13th February 2012

It is a lovely refreshing drink an alternative to my other Herbal Teas that i drink during each day

* * * * * Instant fruit teas by Mrs g V M Scott on 31st December 2011

As you might have noticed by my regular fairly large orders, I am a great fan of these products. They are refreshing and relaxing besides tasting delicious.

* * * * - Nothing like Turkish Apple tea by hunmpty numptie on 8th December 2011

I love turkish apple tea and bought some of this. It is bitter and tastless. A very poor immitation of turkish apple tea.

* * * * * Turkish Delight :-) by HM on 13th November 2011

When in Turkey a few years ago, I found I had a liking for Turkish apple tea and brought some home with me. It was in powder form not unlike this mix in texture. I had been using it sparingly as had no idea when I would be able to get to Turkey again to buy some and saw this on the Whittards site and thought would give it a try. I was ever so pleasantly suprised to find it tastes the same.. although perhaps a little sweeter. The variety I had brought back was the unsweetened version and was still plenty sweet enough. It may be an idea for you Whittards to try reducing your sugar in some of these classic favourites.

* * * * * Simply Delicious by DebbieD on 4th November 2011

My daughters tried some Turkish Apple Teabags imported from Germany whilst on a weekend away in Statford-upon-Avon and asked for me to buy some as it was so delicious. Having failed to find any on sale in the UK. I decided to try your instant apple tea. They love it and say it is just as good as the teabags.

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