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Orange and Cardamom Flavour Instant Matcha Latte

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We love our matcha drunk the traditional way – but sometimes we can’t resist a smooth, creamy matcha latte, sipped from a tall glass on a long afternoon. We’ve crafted a blend with a citrus twist, adding flavours of cardamom and orange for a drink that’s smooth, aromatic and slightly sweet, with the freshness of the matcha balanced by a distinctive spiciness. It’s just the thing for warming up on chilly evenings…
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Write a Review
* * * * * Refreshing cold drink by Candy on 6th July 2018

Great cold! Whizz in blender with skimmed milk and ice, then add additional ice cubes to serve. It is our 'go to' summer drink.

* * * * * <3 by HyunJeong Park on 5th June 2018

I really love this combination of taste. There are many kinds of matcha latte. but the Orange and Cardamom Flavour It's absolutely whittard's unique flavour. so I ordered it again.;)

* * * * * A Drink for The Adventurous! by Christine on 3rd May 2018

The reason why I say you need to be a bit adventurous for this drink is because traditional matcha drinkers may be turned off by the blend. It smells almost like fruit loops when warmed up, but the combination of flavors is refreshing when you taste it. I ordered this all the way from the states and I don't regret the purchase. I have heard of the meds listed in some of the other reviews for this product, but I really can't see their claim.

* * * * * Lovely iced! by Lizzy on 23rd April 2018

I haven't been able to get enough of this since it first came out. It's lovely and warming when hot and drank in the winter, and it makes the perfect iced treat when the sun shines and the temperature rises. Definitely a lover of this one.

* * * * * Yumm by Simon Richardson on 23rd March 2018

Very tasty! If you love orange and you love matcha, give it a whirl.. Nomnomnom...

* - - - - Overpowering orange flavour by Rachael on 17th March 2018

If you like matcha this is not the drink for you. It smells like lemsip and the orange overpowers the matcha and cardamon. It is a shame as it looked like such a good combination. However, if you are looking for a very sweet orange drink then this is perfect.

* - - - - Tastes like medicine by Kacey on 14th March 2018

I really like matcha but the orange in this makes it taste like nurofen :(

* * * * - different by lucy on 27th February 2018

surprisingly different. , i like matcha lattes and thought would give this a whirl, and glad i did. Give it a go yo won't be disappointed

* * * * * Spelling Error by Emily Scamell on 26th February 2018

Love the drink! However the first sentence on the description has a spelling errors, "We love our matcha drunk the traditional way". I believe it should say drink lol.

* * * * - Pleasantly surprised by Rhianne on 19th February 2018

I wasn't really sure what to expect with the instant matcha latte after trying a few matcha products before and never really understanding the hype. However, this match latte with orange and cardamom is very good. The orange comes through very well and gives this otherwise creamy and sweet drink a really fresh and zesty flavour.

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Taste Guarantee

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