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Long-Handle Infuser

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Love your loose leaf tea? Then you’ll love this long handled stainless steel infuser – it’s simple, sleek and eminently practical. Simply squeeze the flexible handle to open, half-fill the mesh globe with your favourite loose leaf tea, immerse in your teacup and stir until you’ve reached the ideal infusion. Now, all you need to do it choose your style of brew… A classic black tea with milk, or perhaps something bright and fruity?

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Got this as a Christmas present and I really liked it to begin with. However, it has now gone out of alignment and the leaves fall out of the gap. I thought this was going to be better quality. It's now unusable.

Posted by Sally McLachlan (30th March 2015)


I had been looking for a simple and cheap tea infuser for my loose tea leaves, but I only got two uses out of it before it broke! I had been making sure to take care of it and clean it separately and not leave it with dishes to get broken, but it broke anyway. The clasp doesn't close properly and it leaves a 2-3 miller meter gap around the edge where tea leaves just dance through. There's no way to keep it closed tight so it is now useless. I might just buy a mug with a built in infuser.

Posted by Laura Burgess (29th April 2014)


Utterly brilliant! The others I have tried have all been fairly useless. This one however does exactly what it is designed to do. Most infusers have gaps or a weak spring which inevitably means your last mouthful of tea contains leaves or bits, yeuch! If I could give it ten stars, I would. :0)

Posted by Aleeski (2nd October 2012)


With it being my first infuser, I can't compare it to others. What I can say though is this does exactly what I wanted it to do, make tea! Its easy to clean and has a nice strong hold on the spring to prevent leaves getting out. What more could you want from an infuser?

Posted by Tom (16th February 2012)

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