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Old Brown Java Coffee

£3.50 - £28.00

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£3.50 - £28.00
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Customer Reviews (10)


* * * * *

By Andrew Campbell • 26th April 2015

My second favourite coffee.
It doesn't have the same natural sweetness of Monsoon Malabar, but is a great coffee nonetheless.

Old Brown Java

* * * * *

By Diane Young • 25th February 2015

The coffee beans were a present for my other half and he is really enjoying the coffee, says its the best coffee he has tasted.


* * * * *

By Sue Bates • 18th August 2014

Ordered a selection of coffees and this one was the first one I tried, am considering giving the rest away (although I'm sure they're very nice!). This is well rounded and full flavoured without a hint of bitterness. For me, the perfect cup of coffee.

Old Brown Java Coffee

* * * * *

By Sean Fairbrother • 23rd February 2014

Lovely coffee rich nutty flavour good after taste. AS stated in other reviews not to everyone's taste. I found it a light for my taste but 10 out of 10. Try it I think you will love it and I should know as I drink far to much coffee. If I have to give a negative its a little expensive at £14 for 500g but you pay for what you get. Thankyou

Not my cup of coffee

* * - - -

By Trev • 29th November 2013

Whilst this had the necessary strength I was after, it did not please my taste-buds at all. Earthy is a VERY apt description. I thought it tasted like soil. Don\'t know whether to throw the rest away, or risk spoiling some Lavazza with it.


* * * * *

By SC • 28th November 2013

In my experience, people either love Old Brown Java or they think it is the worst coffee they have ever tasted. Old Brown Java is not for everyone, but let me give you an idea of how very much I love this stuff: having moved to America and finding it unavailable here, I now have to keep flying home to England to buy more Old Brown Java beans and take them back to USA. I am desperate to find a US supplier! If you have ever found coffee too sour tasting -- too acidic -- try this coffee. If you have found any coffee beans naturally low in acidity too uninteresting, try this coffee. If you like your coffee black and without sugar, try this coffee. (I have tried it with cream and it loses something.) I prefer Old Brown Java slightly less darkly roasted than Whittard\'s has sometimes roasted it. As an Old Brown Java fan, I want the Old Brown Java characteristics not to be swamped by those of the roast. I am exaggerating a bit: Old Brown Java has so much oomph that even roasting it to within an inch of its life can\'t disguise that. (I still buy it from Whittard often despite my preference for a lighter roast.) Old Brown Java really does have a unique flavour. It is an astounding combination of zero sourness combined with a meaty, earthy, complex, fascinating, full flavoured roughness. Hmmm... usually when I think of roughness I think \'opposite of smoothness\', \'something that makes me screw up my face, like too much bitterness of acidity\', and yet what I am calling roughness in Old Brown Java is absolutely not that. Perhaps \'texture\' would be a better word. I was introduced to Old Brown Java many years ago, when the Brazil beans I had been buying (because they were the least sour coffee beans I had found) radically changed to high acidity beans (apparently acidity levels vary greatly depending upon whether the beans are in season or out of season) which most coffee drinkers prefer but to me just tastes sour. Returning to Whittard or whichever coffee merchant I was using at the time I begged to know which coffee beans are the least acidic, and was advised to try Old Brown Java. At first I found it too overwhelming, and when I found a new source of naturally low-acidity Brazil beans I mixed it 50:50 with Brazil. But when once again even Brazil beans were sour, I was forced to start drinking Old Brown Java neat, and oh how I grew to love it. Now, even when I can find low-acidity Brazil beans (so very inconsistent!) I find myself missing Old Brown Java\\\'s multi-layered complexity and oomph. Whittard, please please please export Old Brown Java to USA. I am miserable without it!

Top Coffee

* * * * *

By Mark Millmore • 20th November 2013

Since I acquired a taste for Old Java Brown all other coffees seem bland.

disgusting mildew taste

* - - - -

By AJ • 9th April 2013

I always thought I was adventurous with my taste buds.. but this just tasted tasted of mould or mildew! 5 years they say? yeah I can believe that

Strong Packed full of flavor and aroma. A must for all you real coffee lovers & Cappuccino and great Latte.

* * * * *

By Vincent • 7th January 2012

Strong yet Packed full of flavour and aroma. Old Brown Java makes the best cappuccino and great lattes. Nothing can compare to this coffee in the high street coffee shops or even the independent coffee shops (I don't think they want to sacrifice there profit margins) Try it you will keep coming back for more. The only down side is that other coffee just won't hit the spot.


* * * * *

By Nick • 4th December 2011

This is an incredible coffee that you'll not find the like of anywhere else.

If you're not sure, try a small bag...I can assure you you'll be back for more!

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