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1kg Coffee Beans
  • Santos and Java Coffee

Santos and Java Coffee

£4.00 - £32.00

Whole beans or ground? Have your beans freshly ground at no additional cost.

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£4.00 - £32.00
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Customer Reviews (15)


* * * * *

By PJ • 4th April 2015

Very dark and satisfying to come back to when you're too used to milder roasts. The Brazilian beans give it that spicy kick of cooked fruit with a slightly sharp acidity, and the Indonesian coffee smooths it out with a dark chocolatey base, with a lovely rounded mouthfeel. Especially made in a cafetiere the dark chocolate notes start to dominate.

mauvaise odeur

* * * * -

By Pithois Louis • 2nd March 2015

ce café moulu ne sent pas bon du tout ,

mais son goût est cependant agréable .

Santos and Java coffee

* * * * *

By E Branney • 24th January 2015

Superb I didn't think any other coffee could compare to my chosen one . My son bought me the Santos and Java as a Christmas stocking filler . I brewed it with an open mind and when brewed I pourred myself a cup . I drink it only black . Wonderful !!!!

The Best

* * * * *

By Nigel Clark • 18th January 2015

I have been drinking Santos & Java for over ten years and although I have tried others I keep coming back. This is the best tasting coffee, I drink it black, full of body and lovely aromas. I would recommend this to anyone how likes their coffee.
I have to order on line now as my local store has been closed down (what a shame) but the order arrives within a couple of days.

Santos and Java

* * * * *

By • 4th January 2015

As everyone seems to say, however many other coffees you try, this is the one you always return to : the perfect espresso and cappuccino.

The Best

* * * * *

By Toni S • 25th July 2014

No matter how many other coffees I try - this remains the firm favourite.

Please consider making into nespresso type pods so I can have it at work too!

The best coffee

* * * * *

By Lloyd lyons • 3rd November 2013

I love whittards of Chelsea all the staff when I been to Whiteleys or Covent garden the staff are very helpful in finding what suitable for you and definitely recommend this coffee I bought it many times it\'s much better than instant coffee but I always like honey or sweetener in my coffee but I find it keeps me awake for long time if I am sleepy I take that in the morning the smell is lovely and u get what u paid for it really does the job a must buy definitely recommend it from customer that enjoys cups of it

What a cup of coffee !!

* * * * *

By Denise G • 16th May 2013

I wandered into the Whittard in Nottingham just to have a look and was greeted by an incredibly helpful assistant. She asked me what sort of coffee I liked and suggested this Santos & Java. Well done to her, it makes the most gorgeous Latte, and a perfect espresso. I'll definitely be buying more, and trying others. Gorgeous !

Old Faithful

* * * * *

By John Curnow • 18th July 2012

I have been drinking this coffee for some time now and every now and then I slip away and try something new. Returning is always a joy. This is a bold coffee with a distinctive second taste that has a smoky character. Wonderful with a fine malt.

Daily grind!

* * * * *

By Rudy Lacchin • 6th April 2012

I echo what everyone else says about this combination of beans and the service we always get from Whittard. We've been using the online shop for a couple of years and before that we used to buy from the shop in Cheltenham.

Just one recommendation though: don't grind the beans more than a few hours in advance: grind as many as you're going to use immediately and no more, otherwise you lose some of the volatile aromatic oils which contribute to that beautiful crema on your espresso.

Rich and Delicious

* * * * *

By Emma Daly • 22nd March 2012

The perfect coffee for entertaining after a meal.

Santos & Java

* * * * *

By Deborah Taylor • 8th January 2012

Fantastic, aromatic coffee. It will make you smile. I bought some supposedly special supermarket beans from Java recently - not a patch on this!

Santos and Java and Old Brown Java

* * * * *

By lynn lewis • 22nd December 2011

This coffee is excellent and I have been drinking it for years. I like the fact that I can order on line and the delivery is quite fast. What does annoy me is that 4 days after I placed this order (in time for Christmas) I received an email offering a 20% discount. My order was for over £70, 20% would have made a considerable difference.

Santos & Java coffee beans

* * * * *

By Elizabeth Adams • 21st December 2011

I have been purchasing this coffee from Whittards online for the past 2 years . The coffee is always delivered quickly, well packaged and fresh. When the postman picks up the package for delivery he knows it is for me because of the beautiful aroma. I live in a rural area and the excellent service from Whittards is essential for my coffee needs. Try them you won't be disappointed

Santos & Java

* * * * *

By Susan A • 15th September 2011

We love this coffee, very tasty and aromatic. Would recommend to everyone.
Excellent service by Whittards, fresh product and fast delivery every time. Thank you.

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