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Dreamtime Instant Tea

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Customer Reviews (20)

Favourite Drink in our house!

* * * * *

By Alison • 13th November 2015

My daughters love this drink and I buy it regularly. It is sweet but a lovely treat at the end of a cold day. Thumbs down for the new packaging though- you need a long spoon to get to the bottom, and there's less in the pack than before- don't think we wouldn't notice!

My favourite

* * * * *

By Sandy • 30th October 2015

Love Dreamtime, have this drink hot every night at bedtime. Good cold as well. Shame about the new lower content packaging, but price remains the same.

A delight

* * * * -

By Kirsty • 23rd October 2015

When I first had a sip of this, it was as a hot drink, I wasn't sure of what to make of it. But after a few more sips, I was hooked! It is very creamy, which surprised me. I must try this cold.

Dreamtime Instant Tea

* * * * *

By Sharon Dray • 23rd August 2015

Love the flavours, great hot or cold.

Dreamtime tea

* * * * -

By Julian Perry • 22nd August 2015

We have been buying this tea some years and is great for bed time, but like most companies now to buy 3 at a good price but we have noticed the weight content has dropped from 475g top 450g.

Sleep like a baby

* * * * *

By Sharon • 13th July 2015

Love this tea tsstes so nice me and my husband have trouble sleeping so we thought we would give it a try .we havent had a sleepless night since we have to try and drink it quick though or we start dropping off before we finsh it .


* * * * *

By Mandy Kite • 9th July 2015

Best tea in the range, I love it, please don't delete from the range. It is a very soothing drink anytime of day, once the remainder of the other tin of fruit tea has gone Dreamtime is the only one I will buy, I take it when I travel also.

Dreamtime Instant Tea

* * * * *

By Lorna Murray • 27th April 2015

My favourite from the range of Instant Teas! Like Jackie (21st April) I love it as a hot soothing drink or cold as a refreshing drink & Pamela (26th March) it's also my constant travel companion. Have stopped drinking regular teas since starting Whittard Instant Teas several years ago.

Amazing Tea

* * * * *

By Melissa Koisser • 23rd April 2015

This is the nicest of the ranges . After reading other reviews I really do hope this isn't discontinued.


* * * * *

By jackie watson • 21st April 2015

just love this tea its very warming when made with hot water and a spoon of honey and refreshing made with cold water and ice. please dont delete this tea as its the only one i like. ive gone off normal tea and only drink the dreamtime anytime day as a refreshing brew or eve for a nice warm cosy drink before bed. i would recommend this to every one to try. .


* * * * *

By Pamela • 26th March 2015

I read in a review you are thinking of deleting dreamtime tea from your range. I know all good things come to an end but, please, not this. I travel alot and Dreamtime tea is my constant companion. I have tried others in the range and nothing compares. It is also perfect to offer guests who need to be caffeine free so do not drink tea and coffee.They love it too!

Instant tea

* * * * *

By Rebecca • 13th March 2015

Very good quality and taste nice

Love this tea

* * * * *

By Gill • 9th March 2015

I love this tea and always have to have some in the house, it's probably all in my mind but if I have one in bed at night it helps me to sleep! My friend thinks it is far too sweet, but I love it.


* * * * *

By Mark Smith • 23rd February 2015

we love this tea as soon as we can afford it we will get a load more

Definitely less keen on this flavour.

* * * * -

By MRS NATALIE S FORD • 20th February 2015

This flavour of Whittard instant tea is okay but I am definitely less keen on it than others I have tried.

too sweet

* - - - -

By Marion Shuttlweorth • 26th January 2015

Dreamtime is the first I have tried of the Instant Tea Selection and if they are all as sweet I won't be finishing any of them. Sweetness can always be added if necessary. Very disappointed.


* * * * *

By Sash • 26th January 2015

A great drink in the evenings with lovely tones and a mild taste. I'll try it cold now that i've just brought two more tubs. This and Peach Melba are my faves (sweetness and flavour depends on how many spoonfuls you use).


* * * * *

By Eileen • 25th January 2015

I bought this in error but decided to try it anyway and I'm so glad I did....lovely, say no more

Dream Time Tea

* * * * *

By Amanda • 21st January 2015

I buy this for my nephew who is 13 and he loves it - I brought some on Friday and was told that you are discontinuing it. My nephew was really upset. I brought 2 tubs to keep him going!!!

Dreamtime tea is delicious!

* * * * *

By Jamie • 21st January 2015

One of my absolute favourite drinks from Whittard. I love the taste. It's a fabulous warming drink and actually doesn't taste bad cold either. I have bought this on many occasions and will continue to do so.

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