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  • Lychee & Mango Instant Tea

Lychee & Mango Instant Tea

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Customer Reviews (13)


* * * - -

By Alpha • 11th July 2015

meh, that not really tea, its really, REALLY sweet
i am not used to put sugar in my tea, so its hard for me to like the taste of lychee which i adore with so much sweeteness
BUT !!! in a cake batter !! wow yummy !

Lychee and mango instant tea

* * * * *

By Helen Denton • 12th June 2015

refreshing and soothing.

99% sugar - 1% tea

* - - - -

By XK • 2nd February 2015

I bought 2 boxes of instant tea with different flavours (Lychee & Mango, Peach Melba) and I was looking so much forward to trying them, because they're my favourite fruits! But I was extremely disappointed after taking just 1 sip! The 2nd and 3rd sip just made it even worse! This thing is not tea... It's artificial flavoured powdered sugar! Thank God they offer Whittard Taste Guarantee! I've returned them and exchanged them for 2 bags of loose tea! Even 1 star is TOO MUCH for this!

great taste

* * * * *

By Kathie • 21st January 2015

This is great hot or cold and my friends love it too. In fact I have to order extra for them! I love it and would recommend it!

Wake Up

* * * * *

By A R White • 12th January 2015

I bought three flavoured teas and love them all. This one I find best for breakfast. It has that extra bit of a zing to it that gets me going better first thing. So easy to prepare as well whilst not fully awake. Excellent.

Mango & Lychee

* * * * *

By Mrs A R Morgan • 4th January 2015

After trying the strawberry & Vanilla tea i thought i'd give this tea a go.
Yum! is all i can think of to say.
Most certainly going to keep ordering this tea so don't get rid of it!

whittard instant tea

* * * * *

By mrs carole balchin • 2nd January 2015

i have been buying whittard instant tea for years. i have tried most of them they are all great, i don't like ordenery tea and haven't drank for over 38 years when i had one of my daughters, when i'm buying whit tar i never know which flavor to get so always end up buy 5 or 6 at a time , love them ALL, MY ONLY negitive would be that they have stoped some of the even better flavours,

A Must-Taste!!!

* * * * *

By Rilen • 30th November 2014

I picked this one because of the buy 3 for the price of 2 promotion.I gave it a go just because I was curious about the flavour.To be honest,I expected something exotic and overly sweet,but I was wrong.

The mango and the lychee go extremely well together.They give a taste like you've never experienced before.I'm not a huge fan of mango flavoured drinks,but I just love how the taste was treated in this tea; you barely feel it,yet you can tell that the tea wouldn't be as good without it.Also besides the taste,you actually feel the texture of the lychee juice (if you've ever eaten lychee,you'll know what I'm talking about.) As a result the tea feels very light...Of course,it sweet,but not overly so.

A very well worked out tea! Try it out! :)


* * * * *

By Claire Hardy • 15th March 2014

I love this tea. It's so delicious; so warming. One of my favourites.

Really refreshing

* * * * *

By Andrea • 4th November 2013

I received a free taster sachet of this product when I purchased coffee in store - I was very sceptical as I\'m not a big fan of flavoured teas but I have to say it was absolutely delicious and very refreshing. I am definitely going to get some more.

Whittard - my new best friend!

* * * * *

By Angela • 20th August 2012

I first tried this chilled to perfection on a warm day in Covent Garden but even at home it feels like the most refreshing treat! A tea 'hit' but cooling & delicious


* * * * *

By Betty • 11th June 2012

My two favourite fruits in a drink! Brilliant!!!


* * * * *

By Mary Feakin • 11th June 2012

My mum bought this for me from the shop in Reading. It is seriously scrummy, the flavours are very vibrant and make you feel like you're sipping it on a desert island! Here is my serving tip : over crushed ice with a splash of malibu! SCRUMMY!

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