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  • Strawberry & Vanilla Instant Tea

Strawberry & Vanilla Instant Tea

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Customer Reviews (20)


* * * * *

By wendy humphrey • 6th November 2015

Absolutely love this, don't need to use as much as it suggests, my new favourite, hoping with it being in clearance it doesn't mean they won't be stocking it soon :-(

So refreshing

* * * * *

By Susan Killip • 2nd November 2015

Absolutely adore this instant tea. My favourite by far.

My absolute favourite!

* * * * *

By MRS NATALIE S FORD • 20th February 2015

This is my absolute favourite Whittard instant tea flavour.


* * * * *

By SALLY MACPHERSON • 17th February 2015

Went for my first trip to Whittards yesterday, and came away with 4 different items this tea being one of them! its so sweet and delicious makes a nice change from "normal" tea and coffee highly recommend!

strawberry and vanilla instant tea

* * * * *

By Donna • 19th January 2015

This tea is really good. I haven't tried all the instant teas but I will.


* * * * *

By Marilisa Fiorani • 19th January 2015

I was frustrated when I found out that Whittard shop had closed in Bournemouth. So I also discovered that I could buy my tea onine. I love Turkish Apple flavour but I would like to try other flavours this time as Strawberry and Vanilla.

Very sweet

* * * * -

By Wendy • 16th January 2015

I was given a sample sachet of this tea when I went to buy my favourite (Dreamtime), and I really enjoyed it so I ordered a tub next time I ordered online. I really do enjoy it when I want something particularly sweet, as a change from my usual favourite. What I love about these teas is that they still taste good when they have gone cold.

Summer fruits

* * * * *

By Kay • 10th January 2015

My favourite one of all the instant teas fantastic flavour and lovely colour... Tried many different brands of flavoured teas but you can't beat whittard for flavour :)

strawberry & Vanilla

* * * * *

By Mrs A R Morgan • 4th January 2015

Discovered this tea in your Portsmouth shop as it was closing down. not being able to drink regular tea or coffee anymore, you can imaging how delighted i was when i tried this tea & found it palatable! Absolutely love the flavour! Thank you for giving me something other than hot chocolate to drink.

Not too sure on this one

* * * - -

By Laura • 29th December 2014

I'm not 100% sure on this one-it reminded me a bit of the smell of Nesquik strawberry milkshake powder, from my childhood, which I wouldn't drink now!


* * * * *

By MRS NATALIE S FORD • 13th December 2014

It is very useful that I can have a cup of hot tea without any debris like tea bags because I have multiple sclerosis. When the Whittards shop closed in our town I was gutted until I discovered that I can buy tea in bulk on the website!

I also like the Turkish Apple flavour instant tea and will soon try others.

Super hike in price

* - - - -

By A.A. • 24th June 2014

I used to buy all sorts of Instant Tea (great presents) for friends back home in Japan. Last purchase in early January 2014: Convent Garden store, London. In March, in found that the price had gone up almost double! Why?

Well worth buying

* * * * *

By Lindsay • 21st October 2013

Originally went in store to buy the Pink Lemonade tea, which was out of stock, so I resorted to buying this. I\\\'m not a huge fan of fruit tea but this is by far my favourite warm drink right now! So fruity and sweet, love it.


* * * - -

By Hayley • 13th May 2013

It's okay. Doesn't really taste of strawberry or vanilla to me, just sweet. I'll finish the pot, but I don't think I'll ever get it again.

Try it on ice cream!

* * * * -

By Karina • 11th May 2013

It smells lovely,reminds me of strawberry sprinkles! Don't love it too much as tea compared to the other tastes, but I tried it on vanilla ice cream and YES, it serves at least one purpose very well!


* * - - -

By Xinyan Zheng • 10th March 2013

It is too sweet to enjoy it.
The tag of 'sugar contained' is not obvious.

1th november

* * * * *

By Elin • 1st November 2012

One of my favorites, is not easy to by this kind of the here in norway. Wish they sold this kind of tea.

Very tasty

* * * * *

By Amy • 27th August 2012

Tried this tea in store so purchased. Very tasty both hot and cold :) xx


* * * * *

By olimoli • 24th July 2012

Both hot and cold with ice, this is an excellent flavored tea.


* * * * *

By jackie • 17th July 2012

The smell is lovley, The colour is lovely
The taste is like eating those strawberry and vanilla creme sweets. its a firm favourite and a must have

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