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  • Peach Melba Instant Tea

Peach Melba Instant Tea

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Customer Reviews (16)

Delicious hot or cold

* * * * *

By Susan Killip • 2nd November 2015

What I love most about this tea is its ability to taste as good hot or cold. A refreshing drink summer and winter alike.

peach melba instant tea

* * * * *

By Mrs Helen Denton • 12th June 2015

very refreshing

What tea?

* - - - -

By ΧΚ • 2nd February 2015

I bought 2 boxes of instant tea with different flavours (Peach Melba, Lychee & Mango) and I was looking so much forward to trying them, because they're my favourite fruits! But I was extremely disappointed after taking just 1 sip! The 2nd and 3rd sip just made it even worse! This thing is not tea... It's artificial flavoured powdered sugar! Thank God they offer Whittard Taste Guarantee! I've returned them and exchanged them for 2 bags of loose tea! Even 1 star is TOO MUCH for this!

Great hot or cold

* * * * *

By Sash • 26th January 2015

My partner and i love this drink. I've been drinking it hot for a while now and the other day I left some in a flask in my car. My partner took it and had a drink and we discovered how much more amazing it is as a cold drink. Its sweetness depends on how much you put in a cup but its very refreshing :)

Very Nice

* * * * -

By Wendy • 16th January 2015

I used to enjoy drinking peach tea from another manufacturer, but it was not always easy to get. When I got into buying Whittards teas this became one of my regular flavours. Although Dreamtime is my very favourite, I also enjoy drinking Peach Melba when I want to have something slightly different.
I am guilty of wasting drinks that have gone cold before I have finished them, but with these delicious instant teas it doesn't matter because they still taste great when they have gone cold.

All Round Lovely

* * * * *

By A R White • 12th January 2015

This is a great drink. Refreshing, comforting and very kind to your stomach. It is nice anytime of day or night. So comforting it could replace chocolate.

Yummy !

* * * * *

By Laura • 29th December 2014

One of my favourites! As with some of the other instant teas, I don't make with 'heaped' teaspoons, as it is sweet, but it does have a nice flavour.


* * * * *

By Andriene • 14th December 2014

Never had this before. But just as great as others.


* * * * -

By Claire • 14th May 2014

This tea has a lovely flavour; very sweet. It's not my favourite it's great on a summery day.

Really nice

* * * * *

By Jess • 4th March 2014

Love this as an ice tea! Very sweet which means it's really easy to make as you don't have to add anything else to it, will be lovely in the summer!

Glorious summer refresher

* * * * *

By Jason Kurensky • 8th January 2014

I'm not much of a tea drinker, but I find this to be the most refreshing drink to have after a work out. Hits the spot every time and the colder, the better. Not really my preference hot but each to their own.

Very sweet but nice

* * * * -

By Ann • 6th December 2013

Very sweet if you use the 3 tsp recommended on the pack, 2 was enough for me. Also good added to regular tea (without milk).

One of the best instant tea flavours!

* * * * *

By Hazimah Pg Abd Rahman • 19th November 2012

I have been buying this regularly up til now, as it is one of the best instant tea flavours they have. I never get tired of the balance and perfect blend of sweet & tangy flavours. I often drink it hot as I am not in the UK every summer, but it really is best enjoyed as an iced tea with a slice of lemon!


* * * * *

By HS • 1st April 2012

A lot like another well-known brand of peach tea, but the raspberries add something extra to the strong peach flavour, very sweet and nice :)

peach melba instant tea

* * * * *

By dawn lane • 11th March 2012

great flavour, i just need 1 1/2 teaspoons very enjoyable drink.


* * * * *

By Norma Brown • 22nd February 2012

This is sweet but VERY tasty- i wouldnt make it with much mix- great for an alternative to booze at a summer bbq!

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