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  • Marrakech Mint


Marrakech Mint

$3.17 - $15.24
Marrakech Mint

Loose Leaf Tea / Loose Tea Caddy, 120g


Marrakech Mint

Loose Leaf Tea / Loose Tea Sample, 20g


Marrakech Mint

Loose Leaf Tea / Loose Tea Pouch, 100g


Marrakech Mint

Teabags / 25 Individually Wrapped Teabags


Marrakech Mint

Teabags / 50 Traditional Teabags


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$3.17 - $15.24

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Customer Reviews (11)

Quite unpleasant

* - - - -

By Sian Jones • 3rd May 2018

This used to be a lovely refreshing spearmint flavour, and is now a harsh unpleasant peppermint. Such a shame. It's the one and only time I couldn't bring myself to use it all; it went in the compost bin, but I pity the poor plants it goes on.

Sweet and refreshing

* * * * *

By Tim Rundle-Wood • 19th March 2018

I’m a green tea fanatic.
Not only is this peppermint blend far superior to the old spearmint blend (that tasted like toothpaste!) but it’s my favourite green tea - by far. It’s so fresh and full of flavour.

Why change Moroccan mint?

* - - - -

By Amy Baxter • 19th August 2017

I've just bought Marrakech Mint for a friend because Moroccan Mint is my favourite tea ever and they loved it when they tried it. I assumed they were the same tea but I've just read the reviews now and am so disappointed that I've bought it for them. Why on earth did you change the spearmint to peppermint!? I can buy peppermint green tea from any brand but I used to make special trips to areas with a Whittards to pick up Moroccan Mint (which is saying something given the closest store is over 1hr away). I feel it's a really poor decision by Whittards as I have no reason to make the effort now as Moroccan Mint was the pull factor. What a shame - I hope you come to your senses and change it back.

change made it worst

* * - - -

By Aleksandr • 10th April 2017

marakesh mint in triangles was excellent, but new product is not that good at all.
some values so perfect that they dont need to be changed

Miss moroccan mint!

* * - - -

By Mollie • 30th December 2016

This tea is ok but just tastes like regular supermarket bought mint, the moroccan mint whittard used to do was divine! Much nicer, much more earthy and tasted more of green tea and more authentic than this tea. Marrakech mint tastes much too peppermint-y - its like drinking chewing gum! Very sad my favourite whittard tea is gone!

What happened to Moroccan mint?

* - - - -

By Alexander Titov • 15th December 2016

What happened to Morrocan mint?? It was by far the superior blend, why on earth substitute something excellent with second best? The new blend is not good enough - at least keep both options available to see what people will buy more. Bring back Moroccan mint!


Hi Alexander, really sorry you don't like tea but, the tea bag has not changed at all, and the only change on the loose tea is to use peppermint for a more authentic flavour. However, we understand taste is personal and our taste guarantee will cover you for a refund or replacement.

Posted by Whittard of Chelsea  •  19th December 2016

Please bring back Moroccan mint!

* - - - -

By Niamh • 24th September 2016

I can only agree with the other reviewers. So disappointed with the change in blend. It took me a long time to find a tea that tasted just like the tea we had in Morocco. The new blend is just not as nice.

Prefer Moroccan Mint

* * - - -

By Carrie-Ann • 28th June 2016

Not bad for what it is, but... this is NOT anywhere near as good as Moroccan Mint. Please bring back Moroccan Mint tea--yours was the very best I could find before you changed it!

Please bring back Moroccan Mint

* - - - -

By John • 12th May 2016

I can only co-sign the previous review. I loved Moroccan Mint and still have a small stack of it in my kitchen. I was curious to try the new Marrakesh Mint, but I am deeply disappointed. While Moroccan Mint always reminded me of the tea you are served when visiting arabic countries or even friends. The new blend tastes like a cheap chewing gum due to the usage of peppermint instead of spearmint. I really don't like it and can only hope that Whittard changes back to the old Moroccan Mind blend.


* * * * *

By Liz Gale • 5th May 2016

Absolutely lovely.

why change

* - - - -

By Ms Terry Jack • 11th February 2016

Used to love Moroccan mint and bought loads of it over the last few years but it has been changed from spearmint to peppermint and now tastes like drinking chewing gum. I fell in love with mint while travelling in Morocco and wouldn't have if they made it with peppermint. Won't be buying this again

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