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  • Regal Blend


Regal Blend

$12.06 - $19.04
Regal Blend

Loose Leaf Tea / Blue Caddy, 100g


Regal Blend

Loose Leaf Tea / Loose Tea Pouch, 100g


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$12.06 - $19.04

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Customer Reviews (16)


* - - - -

By Emma • 4th August 2018

This tea tastes nothing like the Regal Blend teabags which also used to be called Vanilla teabags. The ingredients have changed and there is now a strong taste of vanilla pods rather than vanilla flavouring. WHY Whittards did you have to change the flavour and stop selling this original blend in teabags? It’s impossible to buy the old-tasting “vanilla” tea anywhere! Very disappointed :(


* * * * *

By Thomas Holloway • 22nd March 2018

Well! what can I say... how about that this tea has got to be one of my all time favorites, gone are the days of going down stairs to standard loose black tea, or loose earl grey. Even opening the packet of this lustrous tea melted my sour early morning soul to which I now look forward to jumping out of bed to go make my self a pot. I hope this never runs out of stock as I may find myself crippling in agony at never being able to have such a flavor touch my lips again.
In other words you should buy this tea, just makes you a little crazy.

It might grow on me

* * * - -

By Cyclical Seas • 4th February 2018

Picked up a pack of this on a whim just to try, as I'm a fan of black tea (Tippy Assam is my all time favourite). I agree with other reviews, I find the vanilla a bit too overwhelming on first taste. Whilst it's a soft, smooth and comforting taste, it does feel like someone's dropped a scoop of ice cream in your brew! I don't think this is an 'everyday' kind of tea, but I can see it working quite well with cream teas or on special occasions. Maybe it'll grow on me...

My Absolute Favourite!

* * * * *

By Louis Looi • 26th December 2017

Though I am just a 27 years old lad, my fondness for tea is real! I love to have a cup of tea while taking an afternoon break in the office. Besides, a cup of tea before going to bed at night. Regal Blend is my all time favourite among all others. Its mild fragrance from vanilla always entices me. I can't resist but to take a few sniffs around the steaming tea. The scent is so soothing, whilst the taste of mild vanilla coupled with strong black tea taste is truly luxury at its best within a cup!

My Absolute Favourite Tea

* * * * *

By Michelle Attard Chase • 9th December 2017

I was never really one for flavoured tea - that is, until I tasted Regal Blend. Though the subtle vanilla notes may not be (excuse the pun) everyone's cup of tea, the flavour is not overly sweet. It is both rich yet delicate, which makes for a tea truly befitting of a Queen.

beautiful vanilla flavour

* * * * *

By Ana • 3rd November 2017


so good

* * * * *

By audrey • 25th October 2017

I followed the advice of the waitress and never regreted ! sweet taste of vanilla. a bit like the piccadilly blend. black tea with a bit of delicious vanilla !

Unfortunately not a huge fan :(

* * * - -

By Michaela • 25th July 2017

Seeing all the glowing reviews, I was looking forward to trying this tea. Unfortunately, I was disappointed to find I do not enjoy the taste. It absolutely is what it says on the tin - the sweet vanilla taste really shines through - but I found the flavour a bit too sweet, almost sickly. However, my mom really enjoyed it.
I tend to prefer green/black tea with hints of citrus or other 'fresh' fruits, and this tea just did not hit the spot with me.


* * * * *

By Luiza Reis • 17th May 2017

Such an unique and delicious flavour! Definitely my favourite tea from Whittard.

My favorite black tea

* * * * *

By Tatyana • 26th March 2017

The best !!!

Simply stunning!

* * * * *

By Mick Moore • 31st December 2016

I received a box of loose leaf from my son for Christmas and to date this is the finest tea I've ever tasted. I usually drink either white or green tea with jasmine, peony or similar but this knocks them for six! I love it with a slice of lemon which tempers the flavours beautifully.
Reminds me of sweet pipe tobacco in the pouch and I vape a Tonka bean and Plum ejuice with it.
Simply gorgeous!

Wonderful aroma and taste

* * * * *

By Mrs Nina Green • 26th December 2016

I first tried the Regal blend loose tea a couple of weeks ago and am in the process or reordering. Lovely surprise on opening up the caddy - mouth-watering aroma. First cuppa made me think this was best tea I had tasted and my husband voiced a similar opinion Sweet but not cloying, vanilla is truly comforting and satisfying and perfectly complements the black tea. I did not find that the strength and intensity of the vanilla swamped the tea, rather it brings the flavour out.
Thank you Whittard for a super tea!

My favourite black tea

* * * * *

By Julia • 15th September 2016

I love this tea and enjoy it every morning with breakfast. It has a beautiful vanilla note which sweetens the black tea in a subtle way. I definitely recommend!


* * * * *

By Celeste • 18th July 2016

I can say with certainty that this is the best tea I have ever tasted, and I've tasted my fair share of blends. Sweet yet not overwhelming, this tea is my obsession.

It's alright.

* * * - -

By Pads • 12th July 2016

Regal blend has a rich texture and has an uplifting taste. But the vanilla flavouring is a bit on the thick side, to the point that the original taste of the tea leaves is swathed.

A fine black tea for a sweeter tooth

* * * * *

By Henry Parkinson • 12th February 2016

Regal Blend is an absolutely delightful afternoon tea. The rich aroma of vanilla makes this tea a delight for the senses, and the taste sweet and smooth. Recommended for anyone who likes to have a treat with their tea.

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