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  • Mug & Teapot Infuser & Lid

Mug & Teapot Infuser & Lid

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Customer Reviews (2)

Best gadget ever!

* * * * *

By Zoe Rusga • 20th February 2015

I bought this gadget today in the Covent Garden branch of Whittards, and I LOVE IT! Having never had loose tea before (and falling in love with the taste of Blueberry Rooibos tea as a sample) I didn't want a gimmicky infuser. This sits perfectly in a mug and when brewed, you just lift it out of the mug. Yes some of the leaves get through, but it you stir it, the leaves settle on the bottom. A complete loose tea convert and not a faff at all!

Very Disappointing, hardly ever used

* * - - -

By Rustic Pumpkin • 18th November 2013

I thought this would be a brilliant solution for making individual mugs of leaf tea but am deeply disappointed in what has proved to be an expenive and ill thought out design. Being stainless steel it conducts heat and gets very hot, despite all the rubber insulating parts. After brewing, the lid, which acts as a stand for the wet infuser, takes some force to pull off, and hot tea spills. I think the hot water creates a vacuum with the rubber creating a seal. The rubber on the handles comes off very easily, causing fingers to burn, and they get lost easily as they are dark, small, and very fiddly. Despite the fine mesh, there are gaps in the seal that allow a few tea leaves to migrate out into the tea which then needs to be strained, so why use an expensive gizmo when a teapot and strainer will do? On the plus side, the leaves are much easier to dispose of than from a teapot, but leaves that get stuck in the seams are tricky to remove.Sadly, mine sits in the cupboard and hardly ever gets used.

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