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  • Spice Imperial


Spice Imperial

£5.00 - £12.00
Spice Imperial

Loose Leaf Tea / Loose Tea Caddy, 120g


Spice Imperial

Loose Leaf Tea / Loose Tea Pouch, 100g


Spice Imperial

Teabags / 25 Individually Wrapped Teabags


Spice Imperial

Teabags / 50 Traditional Teabags


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£5.00 - £12.00

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Customer Reviews (17)

Best tea ever

* * * * *

By susan • 18th August 2017

This is quite the nicest tea that I have ever drunk. Expensive but for a little that simply bliss. Exactly the same as the Christmas tea I think . Too expensive but lovely


* - - - -

By Jaime • 31st May 2017

I had such high hopes for this and I was very disappointed. It was disgusting and was like drinking cheap potpourri. A real waste of money.


Hi Jaime,

I’m very sorry to hear that our Spice Imperial Tea didn’t meet your expectations.
You’ll be glad to hear that we offer a Taste Guarantee Policy at Whittard, which means you can return any product for an exchange or full refund if you feel it’s not up to scratch – just remember to enclose the original receipt if you're returning it by post or popping in store. That way you're free to try something new, without the risk of disappointment.

I hope this helps and please don't hesitate to contact us if we can be any further assistance.
Customer service advisor

Posted by Whittard of Chelsea  •  7th June 2017

Love this Tea

* * * * *

By James D • 8th May 2017

Amazing tea. I love this variety. Tastes and smells great

Bring back Spiced Chai!

* - - - -

By Peter Olmsted • 14th April 2017

Please bring back Spiced Chai....I personally find it much better to my taste than Spice Imperial, and I am utterly dismayed that you no longer make a leaf version of it (Spiced Chai). I have been drinking Spiced Chai since roughly 1998 or so, and am utterly addicted to it (my last boxes, which I have been hoarding after a worldwide search, are running out!).

Spice Imperial

* * - - -

By RW • 24th March 2017

I've had Spice Imperial since I was in utero. My mum's pregnancy put her off every tea except this one, and the whole family has drunk it faithfully ever since. (25 years of Spice Imp!) But we cut back more and more on our orders as the price creeps upwards, and I feel we might just have to transfer completely at this rate. It feels insensible to spend so much on tea, especially when I'd happily receive it in a plastic zip bag if packaging's where the money goes. Tea prices have ascended all over, understandably, but I think there's a point to draw the line for something that gets consumed so quickly. And I apologise for the low rating, but this is how I feel about buying Spice Imperial at the moment. It's a fantastic product and I thank Whittards for it - I'm just gutted that I'm going to be seeing less of it.

Wonderful Tea at a Crazy Price

* - - - -

By Timothy Blinko • 18th March 2017

All of my immediate family have loved this tea and have bought and drunk vast quantities over the years as our staple go to tea. The 125g pouches of loose tea used to cost £3.25 a few years back and now the smaller 100g pouches cost £6.50. Literally a doubling in price for less tea. PLEASE Whittards - what so many of your loyal customers are saying here is bring back the larger packs 500g loose and 50 tea bag packs at a discounted price. We now drink the wonderful Ahmed Earl Grey tea as our staple tea at just £4.50 for 500g. To buy that much Spice Imperial would cost £32.50! If you resumed sale of the large packs at a properly discounted price we would flock back to Whittards and your beautiful, but currently ruinously expensive tea.

no more 500g option

* - - - -

By bombaycat • 5th September 2016

I have been drinking this tea since 1993. It is the tea I drank daily. Because if the large quanteties I drank, I used to purchase 500g loose tea leaves. I simply cannot afford this tea, which has to be shipped to Germany to me and for the first time I will have to look for a different brand AND tea after more than 20 years. So, Whittards, it looks like your effords to make more money is in fact making you loose your most loyal customers. What on earth happened to this once so wonderful company... ? Making tea, that people can hardly afford anymore is a strange place to have headed for.

Splendid Afternoon Tea

* * * * *

By Letizia Tiley • 17th August 2016

The whole family loves this tea. It reminded my husband of one of his favourite american teas "Constant Comment" made by Bigelow, but with a better flavour!
We hope you continue producing this tea as we have been recommending it to all our family's friends.

Spiced Imperial

* - - - -

By suzie scott • 3rd August 2016

Still really disappointed that these tea bags are twice as expensive as they were, boxes of 25 same price as boxes of 50

Cant justify the 50% price increase so don't purchase anymore.


* * * * *

By ken gustavson • 6th June 2016

color,smell, taste-wonderful hot & cold
the perfect tea

Spice Imperial: best loose leaf tea I own!

* * * * *

By Maaike • 28th May 2016

I bought this tea on one of my travels to London and bought a small bag of loose leaf tea to give it a try. Loved it so much that I used it all up before my next trip the city. Bought the larger size caddy this time so I won't run out any time soon. Love the warming blend of spices and zestiness, while it stills has a smooth flavor. Great if you like the idea of a chai, but find them too strong or if you are in the market for a more flavorsome Earl Grey type brew. Love this best made in a large pot using organic, recycled tea bags.

Suddenly Too Expensive

* - - - -

By Phillippa • 7th February 2016

I agree with what others have written here; I adore this tea and been drinking it in abundance for years and years. Unfortunately recently Whittards changed the packaging to boxes of 25 individually wrapped tea bags, and the price per bag has therefore sky rocketed. It makes it far too expensive to buy in the same quantity, so I'll have to go back to regular English Breakfast from my local supermarket.

Spice Imperial tea bags now too expensive !

* - - - -

By Caroline Hampson • 5th February 2016

I have been buying these tea bags for years and they are my absolute favourite. However I was extremely disappointed to find that you can now only buy these in packs of 25 making them extremely expensive so sadly unless the packs of 50 are re-introduced I will no longer buy these and will have to seek an alternative brand.

Lovely loose leaf spice imperial

* * * * *

By Caroline • 7th January 2016

I love this loose leaf tea. Tastes wonderful and is so warming on a cold day. Smells lovely too. I am just about to buy my fourth bag of it :)

spice imperial

* * - - -

By merriel woodward • 19th November 2015

my favourite tea. So disappointed that the price per bag has rocketed and no unwrapped bags available. Probably won't buy again.

Spice Imperial

* - - - -

By Nicola • 5th November 2015

Last time I ordered these (about 3 months ago) they cost £4.75 for 50 bags which makes the current price a 110% increase. The new bags also appear to be slightly smaller than the previous version.
They taste good but I feel somewhat exploited.
I've written to Whittard asking about the price increase and just waiting to hear back.
I'm disappointed because I won't be able to justify paying this price for these tea bags.

spice imperial

* * - - -

By mr derek wood • 31st October 2015

arrived promptly, however, my last order were in boxes of 50 bags - now reduced to 25, for about the same price!!!
not good business would you say?


Thank you

Posted by Whittard of Chelsea  •  6th November 2015

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