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Black Cast Iron Tea bowl

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For more than 100 years, IWACHU has been the largest producer of cast iron teapots and kitchenware in Japan. Teapots are made by pouring 1500cc of hot liquid iron into the mould which is then left to cool and harden. They are then released from the mould and are individually smoothed by a sander to remove any rough edges. The inside is then coated before being painted on the outside. Each piece is individually inspected before it is allowed to leave the factory to ensure it is of the highest quality.

Height: 6cm
Width: 8.50cm
Before using the tea bowl for the first time you must rinse in boiling water, never use detergents to clean or place in the dishwasher. After use rinse and wipe the inside with a soft sponge and dry with a soft cloth whilst it is still warm – never leave any water in the tea bowl and dry thoroughly after each use. This cleaning method will allow the coating to remain intact and help protect the iron in the bowl from oxidizing. 



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