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Breakfast Blend Ground Coffee

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Origin: Ethiopia/Colombia blend
Body: Full-bodied
Roast: Medium Roast (3)
Summary of taste: Silky smooth with glorious chocolate notes
Whittard recommends: Using an AeroPress, Stove Top or Cafetière and enjoying black or with milk according to taste
When to drink: Breakfast, or any other time you need a kick-start

From what we’ve heard, our founder Walter Whittard was something of a morning person - well, you’d have to be, to queue up for the water pump on the famous ‘Street of Tea’ in Aldwych, and be back in time to open the doors for the first clamouring customers.

Walter needed a strong blend to allow him to start the day in true Whittard spirit - and something he could sip at leisure on those rare opportunities when he was allowed to snooze past dawn.

We’ve recreated Walter’s favourite Breakfast Blend with a base of ever-popular Colombian beans, combined with the aromatic complexity of beans from Ethiopia. The result is a strong but subtle taste profile, with notes of milk chocolate, and even a hint of boozy fruit and a spoonful of jam. Medium roasted for force of flavour while maintaining a silky smoothness, this is an instantly reviving, full-bodied blend which you might just find yourself drinking all day…


100% Pure Arabica Coffee

Brew a Perfect Cup

Follow the manufacturer's equipment instructions. Always use fresh water. Use water just off the boil so you dont scald the coffee. Do not reheat once brewed

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An excellent coffee to savour - take 5 at the start of your day and feel mellow all morning. We make a full cafetiere, insulated of course and linger over it for half an hour or more at weekends whilst reading the Sunday papers. What a wonderful start to the weekend

Posted by SusieQ (20th December 2013)

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