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Guatemala Antigua Ground Coffee

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Origin: Guatemala, Latin America
Body: Full-bodied
Roast: Medium Roast (3)
Summary of taste: Sweet honey with a hint of spice and chocolate
Whittard recommend: Using a filter, cafetière or pour over and enjoying black or with milk according to taste
When to drink:Evening

The plantations peppered around the Guatemalan city of Antigua produce some of the best coffee the country has to offer. Cultivated at high altitude in the mineral-rich soil of a land smouldering with volcanoes, this particular single origin coffee grows slowly under the shade of the forest, resulting in an exceptionally layered taste profile. .

With a wonderfully sweet and honeyed character, intensified by notes of spice and chocolate and a bright white grape acidity, Guatemala Antigua Coffee is one of our experts’ favourite brews – irresistibly intriguing and unashamedly complex, it’s something of a conversation starter…


100% Pure Arabica Coffee

Brew a Perfect Cup

  Follow the manufacturers equipment instructions.Always use fresh water.  Use water just off the boil so you dont scald the coffee.Do not reheat once brewed.

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Average customer rating based on 3 reviews

This is the only coffee I will use. The flavour is wonderful as I like a full bodied roast coffee but do not like it too strong. Measuring the amount of coffee used is the easiest way to achieve the perfect cup of coffee to personal taste.

Posted by Jennifer (30th December 2014)


Fairly strong roast, very rich, a little malty, certainly full bodied. Taste really does linger -- it's strangely almost like a meal. There is a tad of sourness if you brew it strong, but less than very many others at such strength. One of the most satisfying coffees I've had.

Posted by Andrew (9th February 2013)


Truely a great coffee. Full of flavour and perfect for any time of the day!

Posted by Jackie (27th April 2012)

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