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Santos and Java Ground Coffee

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Origin: Brazil/Indonesia blend
Body: Full-bodied
Roast: Dark Roast (5)
Summary of taste: Smooth, fruity and luxuriously sweet
Whittard recommends: Using an AeroPress, Stove Top or Cafetière and enjoying black or with milk according to taste
When to drink: After dinner

Our Santos and Java coffee blends beans from either side of the globe, Brazil and Indonesia, to create a seductively dark, velveteen coffee with a powerful kick.

The Santos beans are grown on the rolling plains of Southern Brazil, yielding dark flavours of baking chocolate and stewed fruit, while beans sourced from the humid volcanic slopes of the Ijen Plateau on the island of Java add a lighter, creamier sweetness with just the right acidity. With its heady aroma and high-roasted boldness, we like to think this coffee has something of the mystery of Indonesia, and a touch of the party spirit of Brazil…


100% Pure Arabica Coffee

Brew a Perfect Cup

Follow the manufacturers equipment instructions.Always use fresh water. Use water just off the boil so you dont scald the coffee.Do not reheat once brewed.

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Average customer rating based on 6 reviews

This may well be a pleasing blend. The sample I tried however seemed over roasted and had an unpleasant burnt taste.

Posted by William Anderson (27th January 2015)


Originally, I received "Coffees of the World" gift box and this was one of my favourites of the nine. Rich, powerful and unctuous with a beautifully long finish. I had been searching for some years for a coffee that a Brazilian friend brought over with him, but have gladly given up as this hits the spot just fine!

Posted by chris metcalfe (16th June 2014)


I love this coffee. Normally I prefer the strong earthy coffees of Indonesia than the more citrus coffee from other regions of the world. This blend has both! Wasn't sure what to expect but was very pleasantly surprised. They compliment each other very well. Definitely buying this one again.

Posted by Abe (23rd February 2012)


My husband liked this and i loved the smell

Posted by L Webster (29th December 2011)


I normally drink Carte Noire Expresso coffee but decided to try some of Whittards for a change.
I bought the strength 5 to use in my caffitierre,it was really nice.Strong but tasty.
I would definitely recommend it.

Posted by SUE (20th August 2011)

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