Alice Tea Infuser


Alice Tea Infuser


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  • Description

    “Drink me!” It’s always teatime in Wonderland – and with this mini Alice infuser, you can always be in Wonderland at teatime. Simply half-fill the stainless steel mesh globe with your favourite loose leaf tea, immerse in your teacup until you’ve reached the ideal infusion and pull it out when you’re done. It’s the perfect companion for our Alice fine bone china collection…

    Infuser: 5x4cm

    Care Instructions
    We recommend washing by hand.

  • Reviews
    Alice Tea Infuser
    on 01/01/2018
    Fantastic infuser! It works very good and it's lovely
    Alice Tea Infuser
    on 11/16/2017
    My brother told me the ones in the shop weren't painted very well face wise, the last time he had visited. He knows I'm fussy xD because I draw, and sometimes paint. And the photo doesny look great here, to be honest xD yet I decided to go for it, when my order arrived and when I saw the wee Alice figure I was awfy relieved. Her paint was perfect xD nae glaikit expression, she just looked serene yet somehow mischevious too. She's ma main tea ball infuser, because the figure is fun. I faff around posing her on the end of the tea strainer handle XP Alice and the Pirates(to pun on a clothing brand), yet the plank is metal and goes to dry land instead(the tea is the water xD).

    Ach well.

    Only thing that bothered me, was the catch loosened after about 5 or so months of brewing up 3~4 Alice Tea for One pots per day, every day. Recently my brother successfully problem solved it though. Got some pliers and pressed the clip catch at just the right points. So it can be fixed, if you know how.
    I'm still not sure how it loosened, I have theories, yet no 100% sure.
    It made me feel the full price did not fully reflect the teaball quality. Yet, I'd say receiving a well painted Alice figure cushioned that aspect a wee bit (^__^;) its it or miss on if I get the infuser with the wee porcelain teapot, as I'm concerned the catch might loosen again. It's the biggest small decision XD

    But in conclusion, an adorable wee figure that's worth it. If lucky enough to receive a well painted one XP if no too fussed with details, its still awfy cute.

Get Infused

Making the switch to loose leaf? It's not as fiddly as you might as expect – and with our world-class tea equipment infusing's a breeze. There are a few options you can try…

Infusers are perfect for brewing on your own: just fill the infuser up and pop it into your favourite mug.You can also put the leaves in a strainer and pour the water through the strainer: quick, simple and mess-free!
Our Pao mugs and teapots are designed for everyday brewing, each with its own infuser and lid.
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