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Pao Infuser Mug in Teal

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In Mandarin, the word ‘Pao’ translates as ‘infuse’ –and that'’s exactly what you get with our ingenious infuser mugs, designed to create the perfect brew, just for you. 
Crafted from fine quality high-fired porcelain with a super-sleek finish, each mug comes complete with its very own removable infuser and a lid which doubles up both as a coaster and a tray for the filter - not to mention keeping your tea toasty. Brilliant for brewing away at the office desk, or for keeping on the bedside table for those long lazy mornings. 
Height: 12.5cm 
Width: 12.3cm with handle 
Capacity: 355ml

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This is a very convenient mug with an infuser. The minor problem is that its lid without a handle is really too hot to remove. The idea is excellent, the design can be better.

Posted by Chi (24th September 2014)

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