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Formosa Glass Teapot with Bamboo Handle

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Stylish glass teapot with glass filter and bamboo handle. Well crafted for intensive use.
Diameter: 11cm
Height: 11cm
Capacity: 600ml
Not recommended for use in the dishwasher

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Average customer rating based on 10 reviews

Love the teapot but the infuser split after only 3 uses, allowing the tea to escape. I requested a replacement infuser from Whittard twice but have been ignored on both occasions.

Posted by deborah hemming (30th December 2014)


I was bought this teapot for my birthday and it is simply the best! It holds enough to make two mugs of tea and the glass design is beautiful! The spout is well designed as not to cause dripping that some teapots I've used have had problems with.

Just be aware there is a lip in the lid and if you're a clean freak like me you'll spend a good while trying to dry it after washing up to prevent water stains.

Posted by (5th October 2014)


I've had one of these for two years and it works and pours perfectly. Having dropped the lid onto a tiled floor, I'm now ordering another. It is small, but plenty big enough for two cups of tea if I'm making just for me.

Posted by Roger Stobbs (6th September 2014)


I had one of these tea pots with a bamboo handle for several years and very satisfied with it - it looked good and made a very nice cup of Earl Grey. However, Whittard no longer appear to sell this pot with a bamboo handle despite still being advertised as such; instead it now has a rather naff looking plastic handle.

Posted by Davi Kingston-Smith (24th July 2014)


Hugely disappointing and not worth the price.

Very small. This just barely holds the advertised 600ml, you'd need to fill it right up to the opening, which fills the spout. Bought with the glass pot warmer and it's dwarfed by the stand.

The shops appear to have considerably larger ones that they use for samples, and place on the shelf with these. Appears deliberate confusion.

It's a nice shape and pours neatly but the handle is poorly wound and on my one all marred so about to be returned.

You're far better off saving money and buying the 'mug with infuser' which holds a generous 300ml and has a larger infuser.

Posted by Clare (29th May 2014)

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