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Nepal Glass Teapot

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Enjoy the whole tea brewing experience with this stylish glass teapot that allows you to watch the leaves as they infuse their flavour and colour into the water. The leaves have plenty of space to move freely around the pot, bringing the very best flavours out of the leaves. 
Beautifully simple in design, the teapot has a removable metal filter in the spout of the pot, making it perfect for using with your favourite tea leaves.
Each teapot comes complete with a Whittard branded gift box.
Height: 15.2cm
Diameter: 23cm 
Capacity: 1000ml


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Average customer rating based on 2 reviews

Very good pot pours extremely well , no priblems what so ever

Posted by D brooking (15th June 2015)


Possibly the most "ergonomically-designed" glass teapot I've ever used! The handle lets you hold it at the side or over the top of the teapot - super if your wrists ache (from carrying and pouring so many tea-heavy teapots). The size of the base makes it really easy to set down as well.

The tea spiral might be hard for some to remove or insert, but I love it for large-leaf teas such as oolong and gunpowder. It's also packaged so securely it won't rattle about in the box on the way home.

Posted by PJ (26th February 2015)

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