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Who knew hot chocolate could be herbal?

Hot, sweet and spicy, our very special blend of rich South African rooibos with chai spices and cocoa nibs is the herbal equivalent of hot chocolate. We've spiced those warming notes of cinnamon, cardamom and ginger with a twist of black pepper, and the deliciously bittersweet taste of the cocoa is beautifully complemented by the creamy sweetness of rooibos. It's what you might call tea gourmandise.

  • Tea Type

    Flavoured Herbal Infusion

  • Origin

    South Africa

  • Taste Profile

    Aromatic, Sweet

  • Tastes like

    Creamy cocoa and exotic spices

  • Food pairing

    Rich biscuits work well with the spice and chocolate flavours

  • When to drink

    Delicious late in the evening

Brew the perfect cup

Add two teaspoons (around 4g) per cup and always use freshly drawn and boiled water. Allow to brew for 3-5 minutes according to taste. Best enjoyed without milk.

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9 Reviews

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Write a Review
Write a Review
* * - - - Questionable by Helen Liu on 21st January 2018

I tried chocolate rooibus in Waterstones and thought it was a great idea. Unfortunately I can't say the same for this. It's got a really odd taste, I will have to stick to normal rooibus next time!!!

* * * * * Lovely by Lester Ferguson on 24th October 2017

Gorgeous tea, chocolaty and lightly spiced with cloves and cardamom, love it

* * - - - Smells good but is somehow tasteless by Desiree on 17th October 2017

To me this tea smells amazing. Reminds me so much of glögg which is a Swedish mulled wine. But unfortunately it's quite tasteless! Even with double the amount of tea leaves. Whittard - please make a red chai tea without the caffeine. That was the taste genre I was hoping for with this tea, but I was quite disappointed. Lovely packaging though!

* * * * - Love it! by Rebecca Edmonds on 27th January 2017

I hunted this one down after I had it with an afternoon tea and I still love it, my favourite!

* * * * * Lovely by Pernilla Bruhn on 26th December 2016

One sip and I was hooked. I love it.

* * * * * Unique and delicious by Helena on 25th November 2016

I'm not the biggest cinnamon fan, so on paper this wouldn't be for me. After trying it I was hooked! Immediately went out and bought a whole bottle of it.

* * * * * IF YOU LOVE A HINT OF CHOCOLATE by Keely Beresford on 27th October 2016

Rooibos is an excellent first cup in the morning type tea - very clean and refreshing and revitalising. Mix that with dark chocolate and you'd think it would muddy the waters but not so. This is a wonderfully gentle jolt to the system without all the jitters you'd get from caffeine. Highly recommended.

* * * * * Yum - absolutely my favourite! by Lorraine sinclair on 4th March 2016

can't recommend this enough. Such a delicious blend with lots of tones that beautifully harmonise in the mouth. Love the subtle cocoa that comes through. Just can't stop drinking it!

* * * * * Superb - herbal hot chocolate indeed! by Lee Butler on 25th October 2015

I admit that I was a little disappointed with my first cup - all I could taste was cinnamon, which for me completely overpowered the cocoa element. However, on the plus side, the cinnamon ingredient is short strips of cinnamon stick... so I took them out! What's left is a smooth, warm and spicy infusion, with a definite cocoa hit. As a low-carb diet prohibits me having hot chocolate, this couldn't have been a better find. This has immediately become a firm favourite and definitely on my re-order list.

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South Africa

Herbal rooibos is unique to the Cederberg Mountains in South Africa’s Western Cape province, home to antelopes, leopards and lizards. The Khosian tribes had had been harvesting the leaves of the Aspalathus Linearis plant long before its discovery by the Dutch colonists, who applied the same process of oxidation used to create black tea. As a result, the green, needle-like leaves were transformed to a glowing red, giving the tea its name: rooibos or ‘red bush’ tea. As a herbal plant it’s caffeine free, and the only known source of the antioxidant aspalathin.

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