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Ceylon Orange Pekoe

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The quintessential Ceylon, crafted from elegant whole leaves.

Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka is celebrated for its clean, brisk taste, and this is a particularly fine Ceylon blended from a selection of estates. 'Orange Pekoe' refers to the grade, an unbroken whole leaf tea with long wiry leaves.

Often misread as referring to the taste of the tea, the term 'Orange Pekoe' has a rather intriguing history. The word 'Pekoe' is a corruption of the Chinese for 'white tip', referring to the young, fresh tea leaves, while the inclusion of 'Orange' refers to Holland's royal House of Orange. When this tea was first brought to Holland in the 19th century, market-savvy merchants added it on to suggest a royal warrant.

Significantly lighter and less astringent than other Sri Lankan teas you may have tried, our signature Ceylon is best enjoyed black. However, if brewed strong it can certainly hold its own against a splash of milk. Easy-going and versatile, it's a tea for all tastes.

  • Tea Type

    Black Tea

  • Origin

    Sri Lanka

  • Tastes like

    Clean, brisk and bright

  • Food pairing

    Creamy and sweet foods – carrot cake, crème brulee

  • When to drink

    As an afternoon boost

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2 Reviews

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Write a Review
Write a Review
* * * * * My favourite cuppa by Habakkuk on 27th December 2016

This is the tea I drink most of the time. It offers a lovely balance of gentle strength and malty complexity, suitable for any time of day. It rouses in the morning and soothes in the afternoon. Bliss.

* * * * * Interesting flavours, pulls no punches. by Richard Thomas on 3rd July 2016

This black tea contains interesting flavours, it hits you quite forcefully at first but rolls off the tongue with a mild and pleasant aftertaste. Better with milk I think. Totally different to a green or oolong tea, this is more like a breakfast tea but much more refined than your standard teabag. Relaxing but stimulating at the same time. The leaves are a joy to serve as they are almost crunchy, remember you don't need a lot to make quite a strong brew.


Sri Lanka

Known by the country’s original colonial name, Ceylon, Sri Lankan tea is one of the world’s most popular single origin varieties. However, its success is one of those surprisingly flukes of history. Coffee plantations were originally the country’s main economic resource and it wasn’t until the 1860s that the Scottish pioneer James Taylor planted the first tea bush. He wasn’t having much luck, but when a sudden blight devastated the coffee plantations the Sri Lankan tea industry took centre stage. The tea’s clean, brisk taste proved a real hit at the London tea auctions and the British have never looked back…

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