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Decaffeinated Breakfast Tea

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Love tea, less fond of caffeine?

Love tea, less fond of caffeine? Our Decaffeinated Breakfast tea is just as rousing as our classic Breakfast blend, simply with the majority of the caffeine washed away. We've chosen a classic Ceylon to give you a clear, brisk cup with a pleasing strength and smoothness, delicious both black and with milk. Lovely when you feel like a classic cuppa late in the evening, or if you're already buzzing after breakfast.
  • Tea Type

    Black Tea

  • Origin

    Sri Lanka

  • Taste Profile

    Refreshing, Rich

  • Tastes like

    Strong, brisk and smooth

  • Food pairing

    Breakfast, as the name suggests!

  • When to drink

    Perfect for breakfast or just before bed

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5 Reviews

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Write a Review
Write a Review
* * * * - Still no loose decaf tea? by Hazel ranson on 12th July 2018

I love your decaf tea and would always prefer to buy the loose leaf, however for months now you have not had it in. In an earlier post you say it is was coming back in to stock in March, it's now July and you still don't have it on the website, When will it be available again?

Reply from Whittard, 13th July 2018

"Hello Hazel, unfortunately we have had some supply issues with our decaffeinated loose tea so this has taken slightly longer than expected. We don't currently have an exact date for when this will be back however we are working with our suppliers to have this available again as soon as possible."

* * * * * No loose leaf? by Honey Dinah on 11th March 2018

Loved the decaf tea... such a shame it no longer appears to be available as loose leaf, now only teabags...we prefer loose leaf.

Reply from Whittard, 12th March 2018

"We are expecting further stock of the loose decaf tea very soon."

* * * - - It's ok by Tara on 12th November 2016

I was surprised it was weak and tasted ok. Tea was grey in colour. I wont be buying it again.

* * * * * Love this Decaf Tea by Karen on 10th July 2016

So hard to find a good decaf tea and even harder to find it loose leaf, Whittard have achieved both along with the fact they advised me it was decaffeinated using the CO2 process, I went ahead and ordered - am so glad I did, its amazing to enjoy a good cup of tea again and I love the caddy with the airtight insert under the lid, its a real occasion from jar to drinking!!

* * * * * Best decaf black tea I've found by Robyn on 27th May 2016

This stuff is absolutely great, it tastes like a good breakfast tea should, and is made up of sizeable leaves (unlike other decaf teas). I like to use it with the flavoured teas to make "half-caf" brews, it doesn't detract from the other flavours at all. Excellent all-rounder tea.

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Sri Lanka

Known by the country’s original colonial name, Ceylon, Sri Lankan tea is one of the world’s most popular single origin varieties. However, its success is one of those surprisingly flukes of history. Coffee plantations were originally the country’s main economic resource and it wasn’t until the 1860s that the Scottish pioneer James Taylor planted the first tea bush. He wasn’t having much luck, but when a sudden blight devastated the coffee plantations the Sri Lankan tea industry took centre stage. The tea’s clean, brisk taste proved a real hit at the London tea auctions and the British have never looked back…

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We've chosen the number 24 for this tea, the sum of all the numbers in the chemical formula for caffeine, C8-H10-N4-O2 .

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