Mango and Bergamot Mini Caddy


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Mango and Bergamot Mini Caddy


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  • Description

    This sweet, yet sophisticated green tea is delicately blended with flavours of mango, lulo and bergamot. High quality green sencha tea leaves form the base of the blend, picked in early spring and steamed and rolled to maintain their verdant colour and herby taste. Scattered with rose, sunflower and blue cornflower petals, our aromatic Mango & Bergamot is as beautiful as it is delicious…

    40g e 1.4oz

  • Ingredients

    96% Green Tea, Flavouring, Sunflower Petals, Rose Petals, Cornflower Petals

    Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

    Store in a cool dry place

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Green Tea


Luscious mango with elegant bergamot


Enjoy the sweet flavour alone




We’ve chosen the number 7 for our Mango & Bergamot, the number of different ingredients in this harmonious blend.

Brew the Perfect cup

1 teaspoon (2g)

80 degrees / 200ml water


2-3 mins

Origin: China

The origins of tea lie in China: legend has it that it was discovered when a few leaves fell into the mythical emperor Shennong's cup of hot water. Today China produces thousands of different varieties ranging from black and green tea to more unusual teas, like puerh or yellow tea.

Chinese New Year

We’ve gone all out for the Spring Festivities, designing a trio of joyous red and gold mini caddies. Choose from delightful “Happy New Year” messaging, fortuitous peonies and a “Year of the Pig” illustration. Can’t pick? Well it’s a jolly good job we’ve also created a glorious gift set featuring all three...