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Afternoon Earl Grey Teabags

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Origin: Blended
Leaf Type: Scented Black Tea
Taste: Lightly perfumed with bergamot
Drink: Light without milk or strong with milk
Brew: 3-5 minutes according to taste
When to drink:Afternoon
For many, Earl Grey is the afternoon tea of choice, enticingly light and infused with bergamot to give it the exotic flavour and aroma that we all love.
Our Afternoon Earl Grey is distinguished by a lighter begamot taste. It is a lightly perfumed, classic blend of quality Indian and China teas and is a quintessentially English tea. It takes its name from the 1830s English Prime Minister, Charles Grey, although the true origin of the tea is uncertain. A luxurious afternoon tea, it was originally drunk almost exclusively by aristocrats, lightly brewed and usually without milk.
Nowadays there are few people who haven’t savoured the aromatic taste of a good cup of Earl Grey. Whittard’s blend is outstanding with just the right balance of bergamot. It is a favourite afternoon tea, drunk with or without milk. 



99% Black Tea, 1% Bergamot Flavouring.
Suitable for Vegetarians, Vegans & Lactose Intolerants.

Brew a Perfect Cup

Ideally warm the pot first with a splash of hot water. Use one teabag per cup and always use freshly drawn and boiled water. Allow to brew for 3-5 minutes according to taste. Can be drunk with or without milk.

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If you love the loose "Afternoon Earl Grey" don't buy this one! It is a complete different tea.
The loose "Afternoon Earl Grey" is just awesome, but the teabags are absolute vacuous. They have a lot less bergamot, they have no mallow blossom and no cornflower blossoms in there. That means all things what make the character of the "Afternoon Earl Grey" is not in the teabags. I don’t know why Whittard sell two different teas with the same name. I asked them but I didn't get an answer...

Posted by Johannes Kramer (28th January 2015)


Great cup of tea anytime of the day - I just love it

Posted by Tessa M (26th February 2012)


My best tea flavour! I really love it!

Posted by Lara Zaccaria (14th February 2012)

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