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Darjeeling Happy Valley Large Leaf Teabags

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Origin: Darjeeling, India
Leaf: Single Estate Black Tea
Taste: Slightly nutty with a hint of muscatel
Drink: Without milk
Brew: 3-5 minutes according to taste
When to drink: Afternoon
Darjeeling is often regarded as the champagne of teas. Happy Valley is grown in one of the oldest and most renowned tea gardens in Darjeeling, and is a tea of exceptional quality. Perched up high in the mountains, the bushes are swathed in mist to give the tea its distinctive taste. 
The result is a deliciously light but complex and flavoursome cup with the muscatel notes Darjeeling tea is renowned for. It is a refreshing tea, perfect for drinking in the afternoon.
Whittard’s superior tea pyramids are made from sheer bio-degradable mesh. This allows the whole leaves to infuse perfectly in your cup, offering the refined taste you get from tea leaves but with all the convenience of a teabag.


100% Black Tea

Brew a Perfect Cup

For the perfect cup of Darjeeling Happy Valley Tea, use one pyramid per cup and always use freshly drawn and boiled water. Allow to brew for 3-5 minutes or according to taste. Should be drunk without milk.


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