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Snap, crackle, popcorn tea!

Popcorn lovers listen up - this nutty Japanese 'popcorn' green tea is quite a concoction.

When Japanese farmers first tried the trick of adding toasted rice to their tea, they soon realised that the springlike taste of steamed green tea was a surprisingly good match for crispy, roasted flavours. Popped pieces of toasted rice give the appearance of popcorn, and Genmaicha tends to be a hit with anyone fond of the slightly savoury taste the Japanese call 'umami'. We'd recommend trying our Genmaicha with a handful of toasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds - ideal as a flavoursome energy boost.

As with all green tea, Genmaicha is packed full of antioxidants, prompting claims of health benefits ranging from weight loss to enhanced immunity. Then again, it's a tea with a real sense of fun.

  • Tea Type

    Green Tea

  • Origin


  • Taste Profile

    Nutty, Sweet

  • Tastes like

    Fresh, sweet and nutty

  • Food pairing

    Genmaicha is delicious with stir fry

  • When to drink

    Film nights and Tokyo twilights

Brew the perfect cup

Add one teaspoon (around 2g) of loose leaf tea per cup and use freshly drawn water heated to around 80 degrees. For the ideal temperature either pour the water before it reaches boiling point or allow the water to sit for 3-5 minutes after boiling. Allow to brew for 2-3 minutes according to taste. Best enjoyed without milk.

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7 Reviews

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Write a Review
Write a Review
* * * * - An interesting, extremely different tea by Jamie on 20th March 2018

This is a very enjoyable tea, with the baked rice giving it a flavour not a million miles from popcorn, but not quite there. It is extremely interesting and a great one to share with friends, but not perhaps one to drink everyday. Definately a bargain for the price though.

* * * * * Smokey lovelyness by Andrew Turley on 15th March 2018

this is an absolutely smashing blend and tastes divine, if you like green tea I would recommend it

* * * * * Jill by Jill on 26th March 2017

This is my favorite green tea!!! Very full bodied without a fruity flavor.(I don't like fruity teas). I don't taste the popcorn flavor. To me, this is a rich flavored green tea.

* - - - - Tastes very burnt, wouldn't recommend. by Matt on 7th December 2016

The tea tastes very burnt, a bit like popcorn but much harsher. Even the smell is off-putting. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

Reply from Whittard, 7th December 2016

"Hi Matt, please contact us with the batch number so we can check to see if anything's wrong. Don't forget you can return this for a replacement or refund under our taste guarantee"

* * * * * Well good! by Clare on 28th September 2016

Well here's someone who's not keen on popcorn but who loves this tea; maybe it's the way popcorn is such a hassle and this tea is just so simple. It has a light refreshing taste and is neither as fruity as a fruit tea nor as herbal as a herbal tea; well those who know what I mean will know what I mean. In fact it's a hot tip to make it into one of the permanent tea caddies alongside my Earl Grey and Russian Caravan. Highly recommended.

* * * * * Unusual yet great tea! by Chriss Alsop on 10th February 2016

Smooth, slightly creamy and oh, so refreshing. Whoever came up with the idea for this tea deserves a medal of some sort! And as an added bonus, the smell of the tea reminds me of a good movie with a bag of popcorn!

* * * * * Ecstatic this this is back! by Fiona on 24th October 2015

I am so pleased the 'Rice Krispie Tea' is back. If you love milk oolong then you will love this. It has a soft light flavour with a tiny hint of sweetness and is a tea equally as wonderful when cold.

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Taste Guarantee

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The Chinese first brought tea to Japan during the Song Dynasty (960-1279) and Japanese tea drinking has since been raised to a fine art, known as chadō or ‘the way of tea’. While the Chinese went on to develop six distinct tea classes and thousands of different varieties, the Japanese kept firm to the original process of steaming the leaves to create green tea. This concentration on one particular method has created a truly unique style of tea, characterised by a lush green leaves with a buttery vegetal flavour. First brewed by monks as an aid to mediation, today these highly valued teas play an important social and spiritual role in Japanese culture.

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We've given our Genmaicha the number 29, a reminder of the year Kellogg's Rice Krispies first came up with the iconic catchphrase ‘Snap, Crackle, Pop!'.

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A note from Whittard

“I’m a huge oolong fan – the sheer diversity of different flavours is pretty mind-boggling. My favourites are the creamy, almost buttery high grown oolongs grown in Taiwan.”

- Bethan, Specialist Tea Buyer
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